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Linear Stages

OWIS provides a variety of Linear Stages such as:

  • Linear Measuring Stage
  • Precision Linear Stages
  • High Precision Linear Stages

XY Stages

The XY Stage has a high-precision double-dovetail guide. It allows fine adjustment along the x and y axes. The aperture is retained within the entire adjustment range. The XY Stage is available with step motors or DC servo motors.

The Precision XY Stage provides an aperture of 153 x 153 mm. A permissable carrying load of 130 N results in a rigidity and thus in a high positioning accuracy in both axes. The Cross 152 can be applied for purposes such as scanning of large-sized surfaces.


Elevator Stages – HVM 60 / HVM 100 / HVM 200

The proven elevator stages have a low height and a high repeatability. The special guidance provides a virtually slip-stick free motion as well as a high load capacity. All aluminium parts have a top-quality black anodized protective coating.

  • contactless, high precision limit switches (Hall sensors)
  • with step or DC servo motor option
  • designed for industrial applications
  • versions for use in vacuum available

Rotary Stages

OWIS provides Rotary Stages and Rotary Measuring Stages.

The belt driven Rotary Stage allows a much higher speed of rotation but with less resolution. It is suitable for both horizontal and vertical rotational axes. The precision, prestressed ball bearing and the prestressed belt drive are nearly backlash-free.

The Rotary Measuring Stage allows unlimited azimuth. It is suitable for both horizontal and vertical rotational axes. The precision ball bearing and the worm gear drive are nearly backlash-free.

All aluminium parts have a top quality black anodized protective coating.


The MOGO 40 and MOGO 65S miniature goniometers allow an adjustment around an axis with defined optical height while having free space around the adjustment part. The goniometer is available in precision worm gear drive and dovetail guides. All aluminium parts have a top quality black anodised protective coating.

  • nearly backlash-free dovetail guide
  • step motor with gear or DC servo motor with encoder and gear options
  • mechanical adaptation on request

Actuators (with turning spindle)

The DIGI-MIC and DC-MIC are easy to mount and provide the possibility to motorise a lot of manual Owis components. The large travel range of 25 mm can be reached in less than 90 seconds with a precision of ±3 µm. The high actuating force allows a couple of applications. To ensure a non-destructive work limit switches are mounted.

  • ground fine thread spindle
  • step motor with gear or DC servo motor with/without encoder and gear
  • versions for use in vacuum available

Filter Wheels

The motorized Filter Wheel 40 permits automatical changing of 4 or 6 filters. Unmounted filters o 25 mm/1“, or optics in o 25 mm mounts can be used.

The Filter Wheel 65 permits manual or automatical changing of mounted or unmounted filters. Either 50×50 mm plates or optics in o 45 mm mounts can be used. For motorisation a 2-phase step motor, or a DC gear motor is available.


Universal Position Control

The PS 90 is a modular designed position control for maximal nine axes, divided in three groups, each with three axes.

  • serial interfaces USB 2.0
  • 8 TTL, 8 SPS, 8 analog inputs, inputs for limit switches and encoder
  • point-to-point operation, circular and linear interpolation
  • Ethernet and different field bus interfaces (option)
  • connecting of measuring systems (option)
  • handheld terminal with LC display (option)