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Linear Stages

OWIS provides a variety of Linear Stages such as:

  • Miniature Translation Stage
  • Translation Stage
  • Precision Linear Stages
  • Measuring Stage
  • Non-magnetic Measuring Stage

XY Stages

OWIS provides a variety of XY Stages such as:

  • Miniature XY Stage
  • Non Magnetic Miniature XY Stage
  • XY Stage KT 65, 90, 150

Elevator Stages – HV 60/HV 100

The proven elevator stages of the series HV 60 and HV 100 have a compact design and a broad range of both R&D and industrial applications. The special guidance provides a virtually slip-stick free motion as well as a high load capacity. All aluminium parts have a top-quality black anodized protective coating.

  • low height
  • travel range 12mm (HV 60) and 30mm (HV 100)
  • high strength aluminum alloy
  • preloaded rolling element guides

Rotary Stages

OWIS provides Rotary Stages and Rotary Adjustment stages.

The rotary stage DT 40 provides an unlimited azimuth. It is equipped with a precision worm gear drive and a zero-backlash prestressed rolling bearing. Also available are rotary stages DT 65, 100 and 130.

The rotary adjustment stages allows an unlimited rotation, with or without zero-backlash. The large aperture allows the users to hold large optics with special adapters.


Angular Adjustment Stages

Angular adjustment stages come in 3 kinds: WV 40, 60 and 100.

The angular adjustment stage WV 40 combines manual rough adjustment (360°) with an angular fine adjustment driven by micrometers.

The angular adjustment stage WV 60 and 100 is suitable for combined rough adjustment and high-resolution fine adjustment.



OWIS provides a variety of goniometers for your specific applications:

  • Goniometer GO 40
  • Goniometer GO 65S
  • Goniometer GO 65L
  • Goniometer GO 90
  • Theta-Pi Goniometer TP65
  • Theta-Pi Goniometer TP90

Micrometers / Fine Pitch Screws

OWIS micrometers possess hardened and precisely ground spindles. Thimble and sleeve are matt chrome plated and therefore offer greatest possible contrast to the scale.

OWIS fine-thread screws have as thrust piece a hardened steel ball which is embedded in the spindle. Thus, these screws are particularly used as precise actuators.