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Two Mirror Beam Deflection Unit

The two-mirror beam deflection unit is applied in a ground-based LIDAR system at DLR (German Aerospace Center) Oberpfaffenhofen.


Two-Axis Goniometer

A customized version of the OWIS two-axis goniometer MoGo 40, the „Tilt Stage“, contains additional Hall limit switches, is motorized with two-phase step motors and fitted with a sample holder plate for material research purposes. It is used in the Bruker AXS „D8 DISCOVER“ X-Ray Material Research System for high-precision two-dimensional positioning of semiconductor samples.


Motorized Rotation Cross Stage

Cross Stage with integrated rotary unit and fitted with 2-ph step motors and high precision guides for ultra-high accuracy. Designed and produced as customized item for a Swiss industrial customer.


Sensor Fixing Device

A Swiss automotive industry customer required for a test field application a combined sensor fixing and drive unit. One axis is motor driven and another axis is operated manually.


Air Flow Shutter

In collaboration with OHB-System AG, Bremen, OWIS has designed and developed the “Air Flow Shutter” for the Air Flow System (AFS) of the European Physiology Laboratory Module (EPM) for the use in the Columbus Laboratory (COL) on board the International Space Station (ISS). The air-flow control element regulates the air flow produced by a central blower providing the necessary air cooling capability for the lab.