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FoodGuard-1 Food Screening System Based on NaI(Tl) Radiation Detectors

The ORTEC FoodGuard-1 Sodium Iodide Food Screening system is designed for the rapid screening of foodstuffs, both solids and liquids, for radioactive isotope contamination. Primarily designed for “front line” response for food producers, traders, import, and export agencies, etc., FoodGuard-1 is an out of the box solution developed specifically to get you up and testing samples in a matter of minutes.

  • High efficiency counting and easy sample loading using 3” x 3” NaI Radiation detector in bench-top lead shield.
  • Simple to assemble with USB connected digiBASE that contains all required electronics: miniaturized preamplifier and detector high voltage with powerful digital signal processing and multichannel analyzer.
  • Intuitive software display, high degree of automation and results storage or printing.
  • Clear results with calculations such as percentage of maximum permitted concentration (MPC).
  • Immediate feedback with audible alarms to warn of sample activities that exceed a user-set percent of MPC limit.
  • Light enough to be transported to the place of use, such as a port for food market.
  • Supplied pre-calibrated and ready to use with sample containers and a check source.

FoodGuard-2 High Resolution Germanium Gamma Spectroscopy Workstation

The FoodGuard-2 workstation is an out-of-the-box system to meet the needs of agencies needing to accurately quantify the levels of radionuclides in food. By the use of a high resolution high purity germanium (HPGe) radiation detector, each and every gamma-emitting radionuclide in the sample may be quantified in terms of specific activity in Bq/kilogram or Bq/liter. Designed specifically for agricultural monitoring, FoodGuard-2 presents an intuitive software interface to move you from test setup to clear results quickly.

  • Complete, out-of-the-box solution designed specifically for measuring gamma ray emitting radioactive contaminants in food and water.
  • Simple and interactive user interface to increase efficiency and decrease error.
  • Editable activity limits tables derived from international standards for permissible radiation levels in food.
  • Configurable alarms activated when activity level, percentage, or sum of activities is exceeded.
  • Professional and customizable reports, in HTML and PDF format, for easy sharing and archiving of results.
  • Supplied pre-calibrated with a 40K check source and 2-liter Marinelli beakers.
  • Operator selectable calibration files for supporting additional sample containers and geometries.