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Application software is a key element of a premium measurement system. Applying this software approach to a broad range of radiation detector hardware and data acquisition systems, ORTEC software offers comprehensive nuclear measurement solutions that provide integrated hardware control, analysis, and display in a single, easy-to-use package.

Application Model Description
MCA Emulation A65-BW MAESTRO Multichannel Analyzer Emulation
Counting Laboratory
and Health Physics
A66-BW  GammaVision Gamma Spectroscopy
A44-BW GammaVision Report Writer
GlobalValue-BWS Productivity Suite for GammaVision
LVIS-B32 Counting Laboratory Application Manager for GammaVision
A36-BW AlphaVision Alpha Spectrometry Management
ANGLE-BW Advanced Gamma Spectroscopy Efficiency Calibration
C53-B32 Nuclide Navigator Chart of the Nuclides Database
RENP-BW Renaissance Whole Body Counting
A49-B32 DataMaster Spectrum File Format Translator
Waste Assay ISOPLUS-BW ISOTOPIC Gamma Spectrometry Waste Assay Measurement
Nuclear Safeguards MGA-B32 MGA++ Gamma Ray Isotopic Ratio Actinide Analysis
FRAM-BW Plutonium and Uranium Isotopic Analysis
HMS4-B32 Holdup Measurement
Homeland Security INCC-B32 Neutron Coincidence Counting
Developer Support A11-BW CONNECTIONS Programmer’s Toolkit

GammaVision®-32 V6.06
Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Software.

ORTEC continues to bring the finest in radioactivity acquisition, analysis, and reporting software — with the latest release of GammaVision-32. This version of GammaVision-32 builds on the powerful platform and tools provided with the previous versions. Additions to V6.06 include an Analysis Engine, two “Hot Buttons,” and a PBC drop down menu function, as well as a flexible Total Uncertainty Algorithm. Most importantly, the engineers at ORTEC have performed an extensive Validation and Verification on this new version. GammaVision-32 V6.06 meets the following performance standards: ANSI/ISO/ASQ 9001:2000, ASME/NQA-1-1989, and ASME/NQA-2a-1990.

MCA Emulation Software.

ORTEC continues to bring you the finest in acquisition, analysis and reporting software.

  • MCA Emulation for Gamma and Alpha Spectroscopy
  • Multi-Detector Interface
  • Automation of acquisitions with “Job Streaming”
  • True Windows™ program (2000/XP compatible)
  • Seamless networking for remote detector systems
  • Secure data with personal password protection
  • Advanced peak analysis features
  • Complete interactive control of all MCB hardware features
  • Simplify hardware optimization with the virtual oscilloscope

MAESTRO-Pro Advanced Spectroscopy

MAESTRO-Pro is an advanced spectroscopy application based on the same core as GammaVision — ORTEC’s flagship gamma spectroscopy application. It expands the functionality of the traditional MAESTRO MCA Emulation application, which has been globally popular for decades, to include multiple languages, extensive calibration features, N42 spectrum file support, peak fit and analysis results display, expanded automation functions, and more. MAESTRO-Pro is the optimal solution for spectroscopy applications that require more than basic MAESTRO MCA Emulation without the need for the full spectrum analysis capabilities of GammaVision.

Nuclide Navigator III
Chart of the Nuclides Database Software for Windows 2000/XP.

PC-based chart of the nuclides for use with gamma spectroscopy analysis software (GammaVision-32) or as a stand-alone package. New Features, Additional Libraries, and New Tools to retrieve information and identify isotopes.

Alpha Spectroscopy Data Management and Analysis Software.

Alpha Spectroscopy Data Management and Analysis Software for the Busy Counting Laboratory

  • Powerful detector control and status for up to 256 detectors on a single display
  • Intuitive “point and click” operations for all features; familiar Windows menu and command operations
  • “Set and Forget” analysis setups for reliable, consistent analyses
  • Dynamic detector, chamber, calibration, and process QA monitoring
  • Flexible reporting capability through Access and Seagate Crystal Reports®
  • Unique count-to-MDA preset capability
  • Mutiple dilution options

Renaissance®-32 V4
Whole-Body Counting Software.

Software for Whole-Body Counting and Lung Burden Analysis for NaI and HPGe Systems. In touch with today’s Health Physics needs.

  • Simplify routine scans and tasks with Operator Mode
  • Combined NaI(Tl) and HPGe acquisitions support
  • Multi-Detector Arrays: up to 64 detectors
  • Highly-Synchronized automated multi-detector acquisition features
  • Automated Gain Synchronization optimizes summed spectra analysis
  • Full support for scanning and fixed geometries (chair and bed facilities)
  • PC-Based Software with easy archive of Subject History
  • SEAMLESS transfer of results to the latest version of IMBA1 Dose Assessment Software*

* analyzes activity in the body and/or excreta and calculates the resulting doses, implements ICRP’s currently recommended respiratory tract, tissue dosimetry, and biokinetic models for the reference worker.