GammaVision®-32 V6.06
Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Software.

ORTEC continues to bring the finest in radioactivity acquisition, analysis, and reporting software — with the latest release of GammaVision-32. This version of GammaVision-32 builds on the powerful platform and tools provided with the previous versions. Additions to V6.06 include an Analysis Engine, two “Hot Buttons,” and a PBC drop down menu function, as well as a flexible Total Uncertainty Algorithm. Most importantly, the engineers at ORTEC have performed an extensive Validation and Verification on this new version. GammaVision-32 V6.06 meets the following performance standards: ANSI/ISO/ASQ 9001:2000, ASME/NQA-1-1989, and ASME/NQA-2a-1990.

MCA Emulation Software.

ORTEC continues to bring you the finest in acquisition, analysis and reporting software.

  • MCA Emulation for Gamma and Alpha Spectroscopy
  • Multi-Detector Interface
  • Automation of acquisitions with “Job Streaming”
  • True Windows™ program (2000/XP compatible)
  • Seamless networking for remote detector systems
  • Secure data with personal password protection
  • Advanced peak analysis features
  • Complete interactive control of all MCB hardware features
  • Simplify hardware optimization with the virtual oscilloscope

Nuclide Navigator III
Chart of the Nuclides Database Software for Windows 2000/XP.

PC-based chart of the nuclides for use with gamma spectroscopy analysis software (GammaVision-32) or as a stand-alone package. New Features, Additional Libraries, and New Tools to retrieve information and identify isotopes.

NaI Analysis Software.

ScintiVision-32 includes a robust nuclide-identification technique that can identify and quantify both “known” and “unexpected” isotopes. Designed specifically for NaI spectra, ScintiVision-32 offers the advanced functions requested by customers: automatic calibration, interactive re-analysis, graphic display of results, and resistance to false positives.


Gamma and Alpha Spectroscopy Software.

  • Complete hardware control for many popular MCA’s
  • Analyzes gamma-ray spectrum from HPGe or NaI detectors
  • Analyzes alpha spectrum
  • Full detector QA procedures
  • Easily expandable for custom applications

Alpha Spectroscopy Data Management and Analysis Software.

Alpha Spectroscopy Data Management and Analysis Software for the Busy Counting Laboratory

  • Powerful detector control and status for up to 256 detectors on a single display
  • Intuitive “point and click” operations for all features; familiar Windows menu and command operations
  • “Set and Forget” analysis setups for reliable, consistent analyses
  • Dynamic detector, chamber, calibration, and process QA monitoring
  • Flexible reporting capability through Access and Seagate Crystal Reports®
  • Unique count-to-MDA preset capability
  • Mutiple dilution options

Renaissance®-32 V4
Whole-Body Counting Software.

Software for Whole-Body Counting and Lung Burden Analysis for NaI and HPGe Systems. In touch with today’s Health Physics needs.

  • Simplify routine scans and tasks with Operator Mode
  • Combined NaI(Tl) and HPGe acquisitions support
  • Multi-Detector Arrays: up to 64 detectors
  • Highly-Synchronized automated multi-detector acquisition features
  • Automated Gain Synchronization optimizes summed spectra analysis
  • Full support for scanning and fixed geometries (chair and bed facilities)
  • PC-Based Software with easy archive of Subject History
  • SEAMLESS transfer of results to the latest version of IMBA1 Dose Assessment Software*

* analyzes activity in the body and/or excreta and calculates the resulting doses, implements ICRP’s currently recommended respiratory tract, tissue dosimetry, and biokinetic models for the reference worker.

Other Software Programs from ORTEC

  • MultiTasker-32 for Spectroscopy Automation
  • Report Writer for GammaVision-32
  • Report Writer for ScintiVision
  • DataMaster Spectrum File Format Translator and Converter
  • Gamma Spectroscopy Automation and Custom Reporting Software
  • Software for Safeguards and Non Destructive Assay
  • Programmer’s Toolkit