NaI-SS Radiation Search Systems
Medium Resolution Systems for Mobile Search

High Sensitivity to Gamma and Neutron Radiation, Conveniently Packaged in a Rugged Plastic “Pelican Type” Container.

  • Real time Gamma and Neutron Monitoring of the environment from the ground or air
  • Locates Illicit Transport of sources or lost sources
  • Alarms when sources found
  • Detects Radiological Dispersion Device (RDD) material and Special Nuclear Material (SNM)
  • Position Mapping of activity
  • No Loss of data between time slices
  • GPS provides accurate location mapping of vehicle and source distribution
  • High visible activity display
  • Powerful post-detection analysis
  • Omni directional sensitivity

Hand Held Portable Nuclide Identifiers

For positive Gamma Ray and Neutron Identification of Radioactive Materials in a Portable Hand Held Instrument.

  • No More Guesswork: definitive answers to the Detection of Illicit Nuclear Materials Trafficking in seconds
  • Fast, Simple and ULTRA-Reliable Classification of NORM, Medical, Industrial, Nuclear and Natural Isotopes
  • ~20 to 100 times better than even the most advanced NaI or CZT instruments
  • High Sensitivity Detection of Neutron Sources
  • Gamma Ray and Neutron Search Modes
  • Instantly ready to use at all times, straight from docking station

Fission Meter
Portable Neutron Source Identification System.

The Fission Meter is a sophisticated neutron detector. It can identify fissionable Uranium (U) and Plutonium (Pu), by evaluating the distribution in time of neutrons that are emitted spontaneously by these materials. The Fission Meter Technology is the most advanced technology available to segregate threat from non-threat neutron sources.

  • “Proof Positive” identification of fission neutron sources,
    through multiplicity analysis.
  • Ultra-low level false positive and negative rates, even in the presence of high neutron background.
  • Immune to cosmic background fluctuations.
  • Highest sensitivity in a portable package.
  • Easy to operate.

Advanced Multiplicity Shift Register
The Latest Generation of Los Alamos Advanced Multiplicity Shift Register, Engineered to the Needs of the IAEA, and Ideal for Portable, Fixed, and Remote Monitoring Applications.

The AMSR 150 Advanced Multiplicity Shift Register has been developed to meet the demanding needs of today’s neutron coincidence counting applications in Non-Destructive Assay (NDA) and Safeguards. It incorporates the latest generation of Los Alamos Intelligent Shift Register (ISR) electronics in a package specified in collaboration with the IAEA.

By offering backward compatibility with the JSR-11, JSR-12, JSR-14, and PSR, the AMSR 150 provides a smooth upgrade path for older installations. Full compatibility with the latest version of the optional INCC Neutron Coincidence Counting program is therefore guaranteed. The AMSR 150’s “easy-to-carry” packaging makes it highly suitable for use in mobile applications such as Safeguards inspections.

  • Full multiplicity electronics provide neutron foreground and background distributions for multiplicities up to 256
  • Local data storage and time-of-day clock provide for autonomous operation in the event of network interruption
  • Optional Software: Latest versions of INCC Neutron Coincidence Counting program and MIC, Multi-Instrument Collect
  • Emulates and is backward-compatible with JSR-11 and JSR-12 shift registers