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ISO-CART-85 Mobile Assay System

Complete In-situ NDA Gamma-Ray Analysis Solutions for a Wide Variety of Samples including “Free-Release” Decommissioning Waste

  • Measures all common geometries: pipes, cylinders, floors, ceilings, walls, drums, boxes, and soils
  • Easy-roll cart for maneuvering over any surface
  • Wide selection of collimators and shields available for different measurement situations
  • Continuous height adjustment and variable tilt adjustment
  • ISOTOPIC software, proven results on thousands of real-world samples
  • Factory pre-calibrated or calibrate with a single inexpensive mixed isotope point source
  • Flexible reporting: measurement results can be reported in grams or activity (Bq or Ci)

ISO-CART-II LN2 Mobile Assay Systems

ISO-CART-II systems may be configured with a wide variety of ORTEC liquid nitrogen cooled, HPGe radiation detectors from which relative efficiencies of over 200% are available. The portable HPGe radiation detector is mounted, along with the chosen collimator on the detector/collimator carrier or “DCC” which is easily removable from the cart as a unit.

If the radiation detector must be moved to a location where it is impractical to move the cart, the detector/collimator unit can be removed and carried.

ISO-CART-II trans-SPEC/Detective Family Mobile Assay Systems

The Detective and trans-SPEC families of portable integrated HPGe spectrometers have given the in-situ spectrometrist new options. These fully portable, battery powered instruments may be hand-carried or mounted on an ISO-CART-II to provide a fully integrated solution for in-situ measurements, along with the ISOPLUS analysis software.

Specific mounting hardware allows the Detective or trans-SPEC model to be simply attached to the detector/collimator carrier (DCC).

ISO-CART-II Mobile Assay System Cart

ISO-CART-II represents a generational advancement over previous models, with improvements in several areas:

  • Supports new and “legacy” spectrometry hardware
  • Lightweight materials used wherever feasible in the interests of maneuverability.
  • Adjustable front and rear track for extra stability even in tight spaces.
  • Easy assembled and disassembled for transportation.
  • Continuously and easily adjustable detector height and variable tilt adjustment.
  • Unrestricted direct detector view of ground for soil assays.
  • New modular collimator system allows minimum weight configuration (ISO-CART-85).
  • Bottle counting option (ISO-CART-85)

ISOTOPIC Gamma Spectrometry Waste Assay Measurement

ISOTOPIC provides a practical solution to a wide range of gamma-ray radiation measurement problems encountered in site characterization and waste container measurements. The easy-to-use software is based on work done originally at several U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) sites in the analysis of thousands of fissile waste containers and in methods developed at the U.S. Energy Measurements Laboratory (EML-NYC) for measuring wide-area contamination of soils and surfaces. ISOTOPIC operates under the latest 64-bit operating systems, and supports the vast majority of ORTEC spectroscopy hardware offerings. In particular, ISOTOPIC forms the software element of the exciting ISO-CART-85 mobile low level waste assay system. ISOTOPIC places emphasis on practicality, flexibility and defendability of results through the use of traceable calibrations.