Portable HPGe MCA.


The new ORTEC DigiDART is an extraordinary, portable, HPGe-grade Multichannel Analyzer. It has been carefully engineered to perform the most demanding real world, PORTABLE gamma-ray spectroscopy applications.

  • High-performance RUGGED HPGe grade spectrometer, 16k channels
  • DIGITALLY stable: consistent answers for long counts, changing count-rates and temperatures
  • Operates WITHOUT an attached PC
  • Built-in backlit LCD display and control keypad — Live display of acquiring data
  • Energy calibration using keypad
  • Nuclide ID and activity calculation for nine Regions of Interest (ROI)
  • High throughput — over 100,000 processed pulses per second
  • Battery life >9 hours
  • Fast USB communications


Portable, Miniature MCA for Use with NaI(Tl), CZT, and Other Moderate-Resolution.


MicroNOMAD is a truly remarkable, micromultichannel analyzer. Small, low-power, light MicroNOMAD has been specifically designed for gamma spectroscopy with moderate-resolution detectors, such as NaI(Tl) and CZT — wherever small size, portability, and battery life are of paramount concern.

Controlled via PC, as is any modern MCA, MicroNOMAD has a unique “field mode” that allows acquisition of up to 63 spectra, with no PC connected!!

The MicroNOMAD package comes complete with parallel connection cable and MCA/Quantitative analysis software. In conjunction with any PC (portable or desktop), MicroNOMAD is ready to spring into action for your application.

Mobile Assay System.

A Complete In-Situ NDA Gamma-Ray Analysis for a Wide Variety of Samples. The ISO-CART Mobile NDA System is an ideal solution for a wide variety of in-situ gamma-ray measurement requirements. The hardware comprises a specially-designed cart which carries all the components: HPGe detector, shield and collimator, digiDART™ high performance multichannel analyzer, and laptop computer.
  • Measures all common geometries: pipes, cylinders, floors, ceilings, walls, drums, boxes, and soils
  • Easy-roll cart for maneuvering over any surface
  • Wide selection of collimators and shields available for different measurement situations
  • Continuous height adjustment and variable tilt adjustment
  • ISOTOPIC software, proven results on thousands of realworld samples
  • Flexible reporting: measurement results can be reported in grams or activity (Bq or Ci)

HPGe Interchangeable Detector Module (IDM)

Intelligent, Modular Solutions to Portal Monitoring System Needs for Illicit Nuclear and Radiological Material Interdiction.


The ORTEC Interchangeable Detector Module or IDM is a gamma-ray detection “building block.” The IDM is a completely self-contained subsystem, comprising a single, mechanically cooled high-purity germanium (HPGe) detector of standardized crystal dimensions and all necessary electronics in a RUGGED package. It is everything needed to detect gamma rays and send the energy histogram or digitized pulse stream to a PC for analysis.

  • Large area 85 mm x 30 mm HPGe crystal
  • High-reliability Stirling cycle cooler cools rapidly to operating temperature
  • Hardened cryostat designed for long operational life
  • Can be temperature cycled at any time, even from partial warm up
  • High performance, digitally stable signal processing
  • “Hot swap” of IDM modules while in operational state – reduced downtime
  • USB 2.0 data communications
  • Continuous data collection, no dead spots, using list mode
  • Low power consumption
  • Low Frequency Rejector (LFR) improves spectrum resolution in noisy environments

High Resolution Systems for Aerial Survey
Detective-AERO High Resolution HPGe Aerial Radiation Monitoring Systems


Intelligent, Modular Solutions to Your Aerial Monitoring System Needs for Nuclear and Radiological Material Detection and Mapping.

  • Real-time Gamma-Ray Monitoring from the air
  • Find Lost  Sources, Unauthorized Sources, or Contamination Boundaries
  • Alarms when your selected sources are found
  • Simultaneous identification and detection in real time
  • Meets National and International Standards for Mobile Search Systems
  • Nuclide Specific Position Mapping of activity using GPS provided location
  • Continuous data collection – no dead spots
  • Highly visible activity display
  • Spectrum, time and GPS stored in data base for easy post scan analysis
  • Electrical cooling, no liquid nitrogen
  • Noise and vibration tolerant
  • Compact package – easy to install and service

NaI-SS Radiation Search Systems

Medium Resolution Systems for Mobile Search


High Sensitivity to Gamma and Neutron Radiation, Conveniently Packaged in a Rugged Plastic “Pelican Type” Container.

  • Real time Gamma and Neutron Monitoring of the environment from the ground or air
  • Locates Illicit Transport of sources or lost sources
  • Alarms when sources found
  • Detects Radiological Dispersion Device (RDD) material and Special Nuclear Material (SNM)
  • Position Mapping of activity
  • No Loss of data between time slices
  • GPS provides accurate location mapping of vehicle and source distribution
  • High visible activity display
  • Powerful post-detection analysis
  • Omni directional sensitivity

trans-SPEC and trans-SPEC-100

Battery Powered Portable HPGe Gamma Spectrometer.


The really practical solution for mobile germanium high-resolution HPGe Gamma Spectrometer for in-situ gamma spectroscopy, improved:

  • Miniature high-reliability, “run for ever” Stirling-cycle cooler eliminates the need for LIQUID NITROGEN; Detector element encapsulated in high reliability, low loss, all-metal sealed cryostat.
  • New 100 model means you can meet your required MDA in even lower counting times with the large (>40% relative efficiency) HPGe detector.
  • All-in-one rugged, compact integrated package
  • Nuclide ID and activity calculation for nine Regions of Interest (ROI).
  • Holds >90 4k spectra in internal memory.
  • Fast USB communications, hooks straight to your laptop (MAESTRO-32 software included).
  • Use any power source: internal battery, supplemental external battery, automobile battery (any 12 V dc), line power; all with automatic switchover.

Portable Isotopic Neutron Spectroscopy Chemical Weapons Assay System.


Second Generation Neutron Based NDE System for Identification of Chemical Warfare Agents, Explosives, and Toxic Industrial Chemicals.

  • Identifies Chemical Contents of Munitions and other containers safely and reliably by Nondestructive and non-contact method: no direct sampling or need to breach container or over pack required.
  • Highly penetrating Neutron Radiation passes through even the thickest metal containers to expose the contents
  • Chemical fingerprinting algorithms developed over thousands of real world examples
  • Portable Spectrometer brings digital signal processing and “SMART” detector technology
  • Compact and simple to assemble
  • Suitable for both Military and Civil Defense use
  • Assay Times: 100 to 1000 seconds