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ORTEC’s MCA offering is one of the world’s largest, providing solutions through a variety of formats. These types of MCAs include:

Basic Analog MCAs for routine applications:

  • Standalone USB Connected MCAs
  • NIM Modular MCAs

Digital all-in-a-PMT-Base MCAs with Bias Supply and Digital Signal Processors for use with Scintillation Radiation Detectors

Integrated Digital Workstation MCAs for use with HPGe Radiation Detector systems

Portable Digital MCAs for HPGe and Scintillation Radiation Detectors


DSPEC 50/50A and DSPEC 502/502A Digital Signal Processing Gamma Spectrometers

Advanced Model Features (DSPEC 50A and DSPEC 502A)

  • ADC Conversion Gain up to 64k channels for expanded energy range applications!
  • Digital Coincidence Timing for simplified Compton Suppression and Cosmic Veto Systems with excellent performance!
  • Web Page and Web Services Interfaces for Operating System independence!

Features Common to Standard and Advanced Models

  • Single MCA (DSPEC 50/50A) and dual MCA (DSPEC 502/50A) versions.
  • Highly stable against variations in count rate and temperature.
  • Automated set-up: Automatic Pole Zero Adjust, Baseline Restorer, and Optimize.2
  • Digital spectrum stabilizer.
  • USB 2.0 and Ethernet (TCP/IP) connectivity
  • High throughput capabilities for high count rate applications.
  • Large front panel display for at-a-glance system status information.
  • Support for all HPGe detector types, old and new.
  • 16k ADC Conversion Gain
  • “Loss Free” or “Zero Dead Time” (ZDT)3
  • “Enhanced Throughput” Mode
  • List Mode
  • Ballistic Deficit and Charge Trapping Correction
  • Low-Frequency Rejector (LFR)


DSPEC jr 2.0
High-Performance, Digital Signal Processing for Gamma-Ray Spectrometry.

DSPEC jr 2.0 is the fifth-generation integrated gamma spectrometer from ORTEC based on digital signal processing. This unique product combines the latest in digital filter technology (Low Frequency Rejector) and the fastest, most up-to-date data transfer available (USB 2.0) with the proven performance of the ORTEC DSPEC line.

  • Innovative ZDT™ “loss-free counting” correction2 including the uncertainty associated with the ZDT spectrum
  • Enhance your spectral quality with the NEW Low Frequency Rejector (LFR)1 technology
  • Automate – Improve your laboratory productivity with integrated Sample Changer connections and control
  • Maintains DSPEC® qualities including rock-solid stability
  • Easy setup features including Automatic Pole Zero, Automatic Baseline Restorer, and “Optimize” features
  • Front panel display of detector status and state-of-health information — SMART-1™ intelligent HPGe support
  • Simple installation with true plug-and-play on USB
  • Excellent temperature and count rate stability
  • Full computer control of every function
  • Support for HPGe and NaI detectors

Advanced Digital Gamma-Ray Spectrometer for HPGe Detector Systems.

DSPEC Pro is the latest addition to the growing line of digital gamma-ray spectrometers from ORTEC. It has
more performance features than any other HPGe gamma-ray spectrometer in existence, at any price. It represents a major evolutionary step in the ORTEC continuing investment in digital gamma-ray spectrometry system development.

The immense versatility of DSPEC Pro, brought about by the number of unique features and modes of operation, means that it is an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications. Its neat and compact packaging further enhance its applicability.

  • Loss Free Counting (ZDT)
  • Low Frequency Rejector (LFR) Anti-Microphonic Filter
  • Ballistic Deficit Correction
  • Digitally Stable
  • Enhanced Throughput Mode
  • High Precision List Mode
  • Charge Trapping Correction
  • Plug-and-Play USB 2.0 Connectivity

14-Pin PMT Tube Base with Integrated Bias Supply, Preamplifier, and MCA (with Digital Signal Processing) for NaI Spectroscopy.

The digiBASE is a 14-pin photomultiplier tube base for gamma-ray spectroscopy applications with NaI(Tl) scintillation detectors.

The unique concept of the digiBASE combines a miniaturized preamplifier and detector high voltage (0 to +1200 V bias) with powerful digital signal processing, multichannel analyzer, and special features for fine time resolution measurements — all contained in a low-power (<500 mA), lightweight (10 oz, 280 g), small-size (63 mm diameter x 80 mm length) tube base with a USB connection. Everything you need to connect to your NaI(Tl) detector is included in the tube base. Furthermore, there is no need to open your computer to install an interface card, or for using external NIM-based components.

  • Full featured digital MCA and gain stabilizer for ultimate stability
  • Fast data acquisition for maximum throughput
  • The ultimate in Fine Time Resolution with “List Mode”
  • Multi-detector arrays made simple with USB Connection
  • 0 to +1200-V Detector Bias Voltage
  • Software included: ORTEC’s MAESTRO-32 advanced MCA software. ScintiVision or InterWinner (optional)

digiDART High Performance Portable Digital MCA

  • High-performance RUGGED HPGe grade spectrometer, 16k channels.
  • DIGITALLY stable:  consistent answers for long counts, changing count-rates and temperatures.
  • Operates WITHOUT an attached PC.
  • Built-in backlit LCD display and control keypad — Live display of acquiring data.
  • Energy calibration using keypad.
  • Nuclide ID and activity calculation for nine Regions of Interest (ROI).
  • High throughput — over 100,000 processed pulses per second.
  • Fits in the palm of your hand or hangs from your belt.
  • Holds 23 16k spectra in internal memory (614 at 512 resolution).
  • Battery life >9 hours.
  • Only 860 grams, including batteries.
  • Fast USB communications.
  • Supports the latest generation “SMART-1” HPGe radiation detectors and all other radiation detectors using the DIM.
  • Provides Authentication of spectral data.
  • Optional 32k channel resolution model

digiDART-LF Portable “SMART” MCA

  • High-performance and RUGGED, 2k channels.
  • Available as a complete package including integrated probe.
  • DIGITALLY stable: consistent answers for long counts, changing count-rates and temperatures.
  • Operates WITHOUT an attached PC.
  • Built-in backlit LCD display and control keypad — Live display of acquiring data.
  • Nuclide ID and activity calculation for nine Regions of Interest (ROI).
  • Fits in the palm of your hand or hangs from your belt.
  • Holds >150 2k channel spectra in internal memory.
  • Battery life >9 hours.
  • Only 860 grams, excluding batteries.

EASY-MCA 2k or 8k Channel Multichannel Analyzer

  • Compact stand-alone MCA
  • Two available versions in 2k or 8k resolution
  • Fast (<2 µs) conversion time
  • Includes Dead-Time Correction Logic Inputs (Busy and PUR)
  • Gate Input Provided
  • The easy to use and powerful MAESTRO software is included
  • Fast, convenient USB2 connectivity
  • Advanced Analysis Software Options

EASY-MCA interfaces to a PC via a USB2 cable. This compact MCA is stackable and portable, and no PC option slots are needed. Each EASY-MCA has memory capable of holding the complete spectrum. You have the option of 2k channels of resolution which can be switched to 1k or 0.5k channels or 8k channels of resolution which can be switched to 4k, 2k, 1k, or 0.5k channels.

ASPEC-927 Dual Input MCB

• Dual fast (1.25-µs) ADC and memory in a single width NIM
• Dual 16k ADCs, compatible with MAESTRO for Windows MCA emulation program
• Live time corrections including ZDT
• PUR, BUSY, and GATE inputs
• Interfaces via USB-2.0
• True live display of data
• Synchronize this unit with your sample changer or process control
• On board memory allows fast downloads to your PC
• Two inputs in a single wide NIM

The ORTEC Model ASPEC-927 interfaces to a personal computer via the USB-2.0 interface and includes MAESTRO emulation software. Each ASPEC-927 is presented in a single width NIM chassis and includes two independent 16k ADCs, and 512 kb of memory.

928 EASY-NIM Multi-Function MCA/Counter/Timer/Rate Meter

  • High Performance, Multi-Function Nuclear MCA/Counter/Timer/Rate Meter in a 1-wide NIM
  • 200 MHz Counter performance, Log/Lin alarming rate meters, fast (1.25 µs) 16k MCA, USB2.0 connectivity
  • High Visibility Front Panel Emulator software and optional programmer’s toolkit support
  • Powerful Flexible internal interconnection
  • Programmable external inputs and outputs
  • Network capable through ORTEC CONNECTIONS architecture
  • Easy to Integrate into measurement systems and experiments

The ORTEC EASY-NIM 928 suite of instruments offers a new approach to nuclear pulse counting and pulse-height analysis for a variety of applications in nuclear science, providing customers flexibility, reliability, and ease-of-use in a cost effective package. Each member of the family comprises hardware in the form of a compact single-width NIM module; software in the form of a “front panel emulator” for the Windows environment, and an optional toolkit to enable the user to integrate the hardware into his own experiment or instrumentation system.