NaI Systems

StandFAST II : Stand-Up Whole-Body Counter .

The ORTEC StandFAST® II is the industry leader in detection capability. The StandFAST II has a remarkably large interior dimension compared to other counter systems.

The large 4″ x 4″ x 16″ NaI(Tl) detectors in the center column of the StandFAST II give an ideal geometry and high efficiency for a walk-through counter. The combination of large detectors with superior shield design ensure very low detection capabilit.

The StandFAST II system includes detectors, electronics, a computer with Windows® 98/2000/XP, and RENAISSANCE®1 analysis software. The single cable connection from the detectors to the electronics provides ease of installation, service, and maintenance. The entire system, including the shield, is modular for installation and easy maintenance. The use of the standard PC for data acquisition allows for low lifetime maintenance fees.


Whole Body Chairs.

An alternative to the stand-up counter, a popular alternative due to their small size, comfortable arrangement, and reproducible geometry. A variety of chairs using NaI detectors are in common use throughout the nuclear industry.

This ORTEC model uses a single, large (5″ x 4″) crystal in a collimated shield to provide excellent analysis results. The swivel chair makes entry and exit of this system easy for the person being counted. The simple design offers many advantages over complex positioning mechanisms. The large shield and collimator surrounding the detector along with the shadow shield behind the individual being counted deliver low-background capabilities to this unique system design.

 HPGe-Based Systems

High-Purity Germanium detector systems offer many advantages over their NaI counter parts which include:

  1. More robust analysis algorithms,
  2. Greater stability over long periods of use
  3. Superior identification capabilities for individual nuclide peaks
  4. Advanced peak deconvolution, peak background subtraction, and peak interference corrections.

Whole Body Chairs. Several styles of the traditional counting chair geometry are available for whole-body counting installations. The system pictured includes the capability to localize the activity to a specific region of the body (stomach vs. lungs). The collimated detector shields provide ideal counting geometry for the region-of-interest. This particular system also incorporates a separate, adjustable NaI detector for thyroid inspection for potential uptakes of radioiodine species

Bed Scanners and Fixed Positions. ORTEC detector systems, scanning mechanisms, and bed arrangements are designed for such installations. These types of systems often incorporate a number of HPGe detectors positioned above or below the subject. Putting several detectors in a small space for this type of analysis can be a challenging engineering feat. ORTEC systems have been successfully designed and installed for these applications throughout the world!