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Hand-Held Instruments
Radiation Detectors for Nuclide Identification

Detective X Ultra High Resolution HPGe Radioisotope Identification Device

For positive Gamma Ray and Neutron Identification of Radioactive Materials in a Portable Hand Held Instrument.

Detection and Identification Features

  • Larger HPGe crystal, three times more efficient than the Micro-Detective-HX.
  • Improved Algorithm that increases detection probability.
  • Comprehensive library of over 175 radionuclides including new radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Better standoff detection and ID capability.

Operational Improvements

  • Rugged Instrument designed for harsh environments (IP65 compliant).
  • Weight Significantly Reduced (about half of Detective-EX-100T).
  • Battery life doubled and batteries are hot swappable.
  • New Li6/ZnS Neutron Detector Module (NDM), no 3He required.
  • Bigger display screen, easily readable in sunlight.

Micro-Detective-HX Advanced Hand-Held Radiation Detection and Identification RIID

The “-HX” is the commercial embodiment of the HPRDS development carried out under contract between AMETEK and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

  • Wireless Remote Monitoring – Remotely control and monitor from a central location
  • Portable – Light weight, long battery life, “one-hand” operation with GPS location
  • Simple to Operate – Touchscreen or push button with audible and visual alarm indicators
  • Rugged – High or low temperatures, water proof, dust proof and drop hardened
  • Superior Algorithms – Low false alarm rates, more than 170 nuclide IDs and superior SNM search
  • Gamma and Neutron Detection – Identification, dose rate and count rate
  • Detects and Identifies x-rays and gamma rays from any radioactive source (solid, liquid, or gas)
  • Auto Calibration – Continuous real-time detector stabilization
  • Detective-Remote Compatible – Use as a mobile, transportable or choke point monitor

Micro-Detective Ultra light, Portable Hand Held Radioisotope Identifier

  • Accurate nuclide identification based on high resolution gamma spectroscopy with confirmatory neutron detection. (optional)
  • Definitive detection of illicit special nuclear materials (SNM) trafficking in seconds, in a battery operated instrument.
  • Fast, Simple and ULTRA-Reliable Classification of NORM, Medical, Industrial, and SNM isotopes, shielded and unshielded: ANSI N42-34 compliant.
  • Multiple uses (e.g.): Hand-Held Nuclide Identifier, Emergency Whole-Body Counter, Ad-hoc Portal Monitor, Search System, Food Monitor.
  • Gamma-Ray, SNM and Neutron Search Modes.
  • Rugged design for rough handling: dust and water proof (IP65 capable).
  • USB and Wireless 802.11 communications; built in GPS.
  • Wireless Mobile MCB Server software (optional).
  • Secure Digital (SDIO) slot.
  • Operating time of up to 5 hours on a single battery.
  • “Snap-open” battery door for rapid battery exchange with minimal down-time.
  • New improved silent running, low-power cryo-cooler.
  • Detective-Pro Integration Tool Kit sends information directly to remote, third-party applications.

Detective-100T HPGe-based Hand-Held Radioisotope Identifier

Looking for special nuclear material can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fertilizers, ceramics, kitty litter, medical patients etc., are all radioactive and can confuse most other instruments. When you can’t afford to be wrong, you need an ORTEC Detective.

  • “Expert Level” Determinations without need for an Expert.
  • Simple to Operate: Bright, Clear Displays, touch sensitive screens, intuitive menus.
  • High resolution gamma spectroscopy with confirmatory neutron detection in EX models.
  • Definitive answers to the detection of illicit nuclear materials (SNM) trafficking in seconds, in a battery operated instrument.
  • Fast, Simple and ULTRA-Reliable Classification of NORM, Medical, Industrial, SNM and Natural Isotopes, shielded and unshielded.
  • Highly resistant to masking source interference.
  • ~20 to 50 times better than even the most advanced NaI and CZT instruments.
  • “-100” models even faster to ID.
  • Highest Sensitivity Detection of Neutron Sources in a hand-held instrument.
  • Gamma-Ray and Neutron Search Modes.
  • SNM Search Mode™ finds SNM sources in the presence of other sources.

Detective-200 Ruggedized, Ultra-High Sensitivity, Transportable HPGe Radionuclide Identification System

The Detective-200 is a radiation identification instrument designed to be compact, highly sensitive and portable to achieve an array of nuclear security objectives, such as mobile, maritime, and chokepoint monitoring.

  • Large Area HPGe Detector (~5675 sq mm) gives definitive identification of illicit nuclear material (SNM) in seconds.
  • 10 times faster to identify HEU than a “conventional” NaI based identifier.
  • Built-in removable 120 degree collimator reduces background interference in field of view.
  • IP67 waterproof, dust proof and shock resistant packaging

Mobile Radiation Detection System Applications

The capability to search for and locate nuclear threat sources is a critical component of the Global Nuclear Detection architecture. Finding nuclear threat sources can be challenging, especially if the sources have been shielded or masked to avoid detection. To address this challenge, ORTEC has developed the Detective-200, a ruggedized, ultra-high-sensitivity, transportable HPGe radionuclide identification system. The Detective-200, based on a large High Purity Germanium (HPGe) detector, not only increases the passive stand-off detection distances, but provides better detection and identification of shielded or masked threat sources with minimal false positives.

  • Mobile Search
  • Choke Point Monitoring
  • Maritime Search

RADEAGLE State-of-the-Art Hand-Held, NaI Radioisotope Identification Device

  • Combining a large, high sensitivity, NaI(Tl) crystal with an intelligent algorithm, the RADEAGLE can quickly, accurately, and simultaneously detect and identify up to six isotopes, typically in under 30 seconds, even in complex shielded or masked scenarios.
  • ANSI 42.34 compliant, the RADEAGLE offers a user-friendly interface that is intuitive, simple to navigate, provides visual clarity, and utilizes an extensive array of alarms.
  • Incorporating decades of industry expertise in detection and identification algorithms along with advanced hardware, electrical, and software systems, the RADEAGLE is the hand-held RIID of choice.