Ion-Implanted-Silicon Charged-Particle Detectors

ULTRA ion-implanted-silicon detectors for alpha and beta spectroscopy are the most advanced charged-particle detectors ever produced. They possess the reliability that has ade ORTEC the sole supplier to NASA of silicon detectors for space applications.

Both the entrance and the back contact are ion implanted. The entrance contact is an extremely thin (~500 A) boron implantation. Since no epoxies are used to mount the ULTRAs, the distance between the silicon surface and the top of the mounting can is <1 mm; this provides maximum geometric efficiency. The rugged front contact, easily cleaned with a solvent-moistened cotton swab, is impervious to finger contact.

ULTRA is the new standard for charged-particle detector spectroscopy. ULTRA AS is the low background version for alpha spectroscopy.

SOLOIST Alpha Spectrometer

The Soloist is a complete spectrometer for NIM-based counting of alpha-emitting samples. The Soloist includes bias, preamplifier, amplifier, vacuum chamber, and a test pulser and can be ordered with a variety of ULTRA silicon detectors. The only items needed to make the Soloist a complete operational unit are a NIM bin and power supply (such as the 4001/4002 or MiniBIN 4006), a pumping system (such as the ALPHA-PPS), and an MCA (such as the TRUMP-PCI-2K or 920E).

A versatile, integrated, alpha spectrometer for measuring low-activity samples that decay by alpha-particle emission. It is also available with low-background ULTRA-AS™ Series detectors up to 1200 mm2 in active area

Octete PLUS®
Alpha Spectroscopy Workstation

  • Fully integrated control for eight internal alpha spectrometers PLUS an additional eight external spectrometers — including direct, transparent support for the TC-256, 7401, and 7404 spectrometers!
  • Simple, automatic networking with no user network knowledge required.
  • Full range vacuum control from 10 mTorr to 30 Torr.
  • Acquisition, analysis, and QA control from the software, AlphaVision®-32

The OCTETE-PLUS was designed specifically to meet the needs of the high production alpha spectrometer laboratory. Each OCTETE-PLUS includes 8 individually controlled vacuum chambers which have bias, preamplifier, amplifier, test pulser, and MCA. All that is need to complete the system is a vacuum pump (such as the ALPHA-PPS) and a computer with the appropriate software.

576A Dual Alpha Spectrometer

The Model 576A Dual Alpha Spectrometer is a self-contained, double-wide NIM module.

  • Two independent alpha-spectroscopy channels
  • Each channel includes vacuum chamber, sample holder, detector, bias supply, preamplifier, amplifier, biased amplifier, test pulser, and discriminator
  • Separate energy range selections for each channel: 3-5, 4-6, or 5-7 MeV and 3-7, 4-8, or 5-9 MeV
  • Choice of either vertical or horizontal sample holder
  • Available with ULTRA™ or Ruggedized® detector with area of 300 mm2, 450 mm2, or 600 mm2
  • Precalibrated at the factory, the 576A requires no further adjustments
  • AlphaVision-32 (A36-B32) is recommended as companion alpha analytical software

808 Vacuum Chamber

The ORTEC Model 808 Vacuum Chamber provides a quick and convenient way to measure the alpha and beta activity of environmental samples.

It accommodates a wide range of sizes of samples and detectors. The chamber can accept sample trays measuring up to 10.8 X 14 cm (4-1/4 X 5-1/2 in.), with nominal sample size 10 cm (4 in.) in diameter. The precise, internal, rack mounting structure ensures repeatable detector/ sample geometry. A front-opening, hinged door permits easy access for inserting and removing samples and detectors.

A-576 A-PAD Preamplifier, Amplifier, Discriminator with Bias Supply

The ORTEC Model A-576 A-PAD is a single-wide NIM module for performing alpha spectroscopy and counting when used in conjunction with a silicon surface barrier detector. The instrument includes a variable detector bias supply, a preamplifier, a shaping and stretching amplifier, a biased amplifier, a test pulse generator, and a discriminator.

The detector bias supply and the amplifier have selectable polarity so that the A-PAD can be used with any charged-particle silicon semiconductor detector. Examples are the ORTEC ULTRA ion-implanted Si detectors and Ruggedized® Si surface barrier detectors.