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A Complete Alpha Spectroscopy System Consists of:

  • Alpha Particle Detector with high resolution, low background, and detection efficiency appropriate for the application.
  • Vacuum Chamber to ensure alpha particles can reach the detector as they are easily attenuated by air.
  • Recoil Contamination Avoidance Package (RCAP) to keep the detectors from becoming contaminated by daughter products that may leave the sample material.
  • Electronics for detector signal processing and storing the energy data.
  • Analysis Software to control the electronics, analyze spectra, establish quality control processes, and integrate data with laboratory data management systems.

Ion-Implanted-Silicon Charged-Particle Detectors

ULTRA ion-implanted-silicon detectors for alpha and beta spectroscopy are the most advanced charged-particle detectors ever produced. They possess the reliability that has ade ORTEC the sole supplier to NASA of silicon detectors for space applications.

Both the entrance and the back contact are ion implanted. The entrance contact is an extremely thin (~500 A) boron implantation. Since no epoxies are used to mount the ULTRAs, the distance between the silicon surface and the top of the mounting can is <1 mm; this provides maximum geometric efficiency. The rugged front contact, easily cleaned with a solvent-moistened cotton swab, is impervious to finger contact.

ULTRA is the new standard for charged-particle detector spectroscopy. ULTRA AS is the low background version for alpha spectroscopy.

Alpha Suite Alpha Spectrometers

All Alpha Suite models feature the following:

  • A complete instrument requiring vacuum, power and connection to a PC only
  • Simple, high speed USB connection to computer
  • Internal advanced Digital MCA
  • Digital Spectrum Stabilizer
  • Computer controlled preamplifier, HV supply, and calibration pulser
  • High quality nickel-plated brass vacuum chamber, easily decontaminated
  • Optional Alpha Recoil protection system available
  • Compatible with all previous ORTEC alpha spectrometer systems
  • MAESTRO MCA Emulation software
Alpha Duo
Compact, all-in-one, bench-top, dual channel alpha spectrometer
Alpha Mega
Compact, all-in-one, bench-top, large chamber, single channel alpha spectrometer
Alpha Ensemble
Modular, all-in-one, bench-top or rack-mount, Multi-chamber alpha spectrometer
Alpha Aria
All in one single channel alpha spectrometer

A-576 A-PAD Alpha Spectroscopy Chain

Complete alpha spectroscopy chain in a one-wide NIM module: Preamplifier, Amplifier, Discriminator with Bias Supply

  • Includes preamplifier, amplifier, bias supply, and discriminator
  • Lowest cost per input for non-NIM vacuum chambers
  • Spectroscopy and gross counting outputs
  • Front-panel-selectable energy ranges
  • Integral test pulse generator

807 Vacuum Chamber

For routine alpha/beta counting

  • Convenient and durable
  • Sample-to-detector distance easily set and measured
  • Can be used for beta-gamma coincidence measurements
  • Single valve for pumping and venting

The ORTEC Model 807 Vacuum Chamber is designed for routine alpha/beta counting applications using a semiconductor radiation detector and a radioactive sample. Two examples of the many applications possible with this convenient and durable chamber are its use in educational laboratories to demonstrate detectors and counting principles, and in radiological laboratories for smear counting.

808 Vacuum Chamber

The ORTEC Model 808 Vacuum Chamber provides a quick and convenient way to measure the alpha and beta activity of environmental samples.

It accommodates a wide range of sizes of samples and detectors. The chamber can accept sample trays measuring up to 10.8 X 14 cm (4-1/4 X 5-1/2 in.), with nominal sample size 10 cm (4 in.) in diameter. The precise, internal, rack mounting structure ensures repeatable detector/ sample geometry. A front-opening, hinged door permits easy access for inserting and removing samples and detectors.

RCAP-2 Ion Recoil Contamination Avoidance Package

  • Battery-biased sample holder
  • Electronically-controlled pressure regulator
  • Reliable and easy to operate

The Ion Recoil Contamination Avoidance Package (RCAP-2) is an accessory for ORTEC’s ALPHA-ARIA Alpha Spectrometer (and most older model alpha spectrometers). It is intended for alpha spectroscopists quantifying radionuclides which may contaminate charged-particle (ULTRA™ or surface barrier) detectors by ion recoil.