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Chart & Scope

Use Chart software if you have previously worked with chart recorders or flat-bed plotters. Data is recorded in a series of adjacent blocks, within the one file, as you start and stop recording. You can scroll backwards or forwards through the blocks to review your data. Use Scope software if you have previously worked with XY or XYT plotters, or oscilloscopes. Data is recorded in a series of sweeps (or ‘pages’ ) within the one file. These sweeps can be overlaid to compare results from one sweep to the next. You can even average the signal from successive sweeps to increase signal-to-noise levels.
Both programs can graphically display data in a number of ways: use the Zoom Window to expand a selection of data; overlay data from different channels; or use XY plotting to graph the data on one channel versus the data on a second channel.

PowerChrom® Software

PowerChrom software runs on Windows or Macintosh computers for the collection, display and analysis of chromatographic data. PowerChrom is supplied as part of the PowerChrom systems, or separately for use with e-corder recording systems. Signals can be recorded from one or two chromatography detectors. Most detectors that have a “recorder” or “integrator” output are suitable.


EChem™ Software

eDAQ EChem software runs on Windows or Macintosh computers for the collection, display and analysis of data from electroanalytical voltammetric experiments. EChem is used with a suitable potentiostat and an e-corder data recording system. The potentiostat should have an ‘external input’ and current and potential recorder outputs. Most analog potentiostats are suitable.

EChem is also fully compatible with the eDAQ Potentiostat, the high sensitivity eDAQ Picostat and the four-channel eDAQ QuadStat.

EChem uses the e-corder recording systems as the digital waveform generator, and data acquisition system. Thus even non-scanning potentiostats can be upgraded to the full range of EChem techniques.

EChem version 2 has improved resolution (16 bit sampling, with 32 bit floating point averaging), and faster scan rates (to about 500 V/s) than earlier versions.


Chart Extentions

Chart extensions are small software plug-ins that add extra features to the Chart software. New extensions are continually being developed, and the following list is regularly updated.

Examples of Chart Extension software available are:

  • Absorbance
  • Amplitude Histogram
  • Baseline Adjust
  • Curve Fit
  • Event Manager
  • Export IGOR
  • Export MATLAB
  • Export QuickTime
  • Export WAV
  • FIA (Flow Injection Analysis)
  • Function Generator
  • Multipoint Calibration
  • Peak Parameters
  • pH Calibration
  • Play Sound
  • RMS & Noise
  • Savitzky-Golay
  • Shift
  • STM
  • Template
  • Thermocouple
  • Translate Binary
  • XY Plot