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PowerChrom 280 System

The PowerChrom 280 system comprises PowerChrom software and a PowerChrom ER280 hardware unit. It runs on Windows or Macintosh computers with USB.You can export raw chromatograms (as graphics or tabular data), peak reports, and method and sequence tables, to other graphing software, word processors, and spreadsheets.


PowerChrom 181

This system comprises a PowerChrom 181 single channel data acquisition hardware unit with ES280 PowerChrom software. The system can be used with a single detector for most types of gas or liquid chromatography applications, as well as related techniques such as capillary and microchip electrophoresis, and flow injection analysis (FIA) techniques using the optional Chart software with FIA extension. High signal resolution is provided by a 24 bit sigma-delta converter while internal amplifiers can match the sensitivity of the channels to your detector’s maximum output (with ranges of 10 mV to 10 V). A trigger input function is also provided. Supplied with Windows-compatible PowerChrom software. Communicates with PC via USB.