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Lab Based SPRi. Designed to meet the demands of biologists and research scientists alike, the SPRi-Lab+TM is a compact surface plasmon imaging system with an accessible platform. Experiments can be designed from the ground up, with surface chemistry tailored to your specific requirements.

The SPRi-Lab+TM is your companion for the development of label-free and multiplexed bio-assays and molecule detection. This robust and compact apparatus is designed for simple operation and easy determination of real-time physico-chemical interactions and kinetics. Its open format, specialized SPRi-biochip and convenient automated operation enables numerous types of experiments to be explored without restriction or compromise : covering chemistry, biochemistry, physico-chemistry and biomolecular interactions.

  • Label Free Detection
  • Real-Time monitoring of kinetics curves
  • Affinity/binding parameters SPRi-Lab+TM
  • Multiplexed imaging (400 channels)



Automated SPRi.

SPRi-PlexTM is an automated label-free, real-time and multiplex detector of biomolecular interactions based on Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging technology (SPRi). The SPRi-PlexTM system provides automated monitoring of up to 400 hundred biomolecular interactions occurring upon the functionalized surface of the SPRi biochip. The action of the immobilized probe molecule and the target molecule can be studied rapidly and reliably in a convenient solution chemistry.

Interactions are simultaneously monitored with a very fast response time: a total assay time is typically shorter than 10 minutes.

The system monitors and displays both optical detection and kinetic data and can be used for the integration with microfluidics to give dedicated screening capabilities.

  • Multiplex detection of several hundred interactions
  • Label free protein, peptide, DNA samples
  • Real time monitoring monitoring of kinetic curves
  • Difference image display giving you a direct view of reactions as the experiment unfolds
  • Fast total assay time – typical assays in less than 10 minutes