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Forensic Light Sources

CrimeScope CS-16-400

The CS-16-400 is as bright as the xenon 500W, containing 22 Wavelengths covering the UV – VIS – IR, it utilizes a 400W Metal Halide source providing exceptional power and reliability. This unit is ideal for departments looking for a lab based forensic light source for regular to continuous use.

CrimeScope CS-16-500

The CS-16-500 was designed for those departments that prefer Xenon 500W lamps to Metal Halide Lamps because of the extra Infrared output for forged documents. Small enough to be taken to the crime scene but versatile enough to fit comfortably in the lab, the CS-16-500 covers the UV – VIS and is available with optional IR. The life time of the lamp is the same as for the Metal Halide 400W lamps i.e. 1500 hours.




Mini CrimeScope 400W

Mini-Crimescope-400W is the most powerful light source in the CrimeScope series and it produces light intensity unmatched by any other forensic light source on the market. Its 400W arc lamp provides intense uniform illumination and easy bulb replacement. The Mini-CrimeScope 400 is the only 400W light source with 1500+ bulb lifetime. No other 400W bulb has the same rating from the bulb manufacturer. This long lifetime 400W bulb is EXCLUSIVELY available from SPEX Forensics.


HandScope® Halogen HS-100

The introduction of this battery or AC powered unit allowed many department’s to obtain their first forensic light source. A true forensic light source was now within reach by small Police Dept’s or Crime Scene units. The unit is configured with a unique set-up with 10 Filters spread over two 6-positions wheels which allow the output of 11 primary wavelengths and 9 more. As with all SPEX Forensic Light Sources, One hand operation to hold the unit and change wavelengths.



RUVIS Applications 


SceneScope RUVIS (Reflected Ultra-Violet Imaging System) .

For 6 years the SceneScope has been the cutting edge of latent fingerprint detection technology. The SceneScope imager uses intensified UV reflectance instead of fluorescence as in Forensic Light Sources. The System can detect fingerprints on most non-porous surfaces prior to any treatment or after a cyanoacrylate (Superglue) fuming. Fuming is required when preliminary examination yields no results.



Digital Imaging Applications


Laboratory CrimeScope Digital Imaging System (CDIS)

Available in 3 options:

  • CDIS-1250-12Bit

    • Basic package for fingerprint work. Optical and Digital high resolution, high dynamic range, Fingerprint Enhancement System with PC.
  • CDIS-1250-12Bit-AFIS

    • Laboratory CrimeScope Digital Imaging System and Mini-AFIS-APIS, FULL package for Fingerprint work. Optical and Digital High Resolution, High Dynamic range, Fingerprint Capture + Enhancement + Comparison System with PC and AFIS-APIS Database Capability for 5,000 People/Cards (Upgradeable to larger Database).
  • CDIS-1250-12Bit-VIS-IR

    • Laboratory CrimeScope Digital Imaging System, for Fingerprint and Forged Documents work. IR option. Optical and Digital High Resolution, High Dynamic range, Image Enhancement System with PC.

PrintScope for Fingerprint Fluorescence Capture

PrintScope for Fingerprint Capture, packaged with CaliQuest Software, in Fluorescence and Absorption Digital photography (General field crime scene and also Lab work) with a choice of 1 or 2 Filter Slide and 52mm diameter filters.

  • Digital camera with 2040 x 1530 pixels with CF memory module.
  • USB card reader to transfer high resolution photos to a PC.
  • CaliQuest Forensic Image Calibration Software to print fingerprints in a know scale.
  • Optics: 3 of each following close-ups (+1, +2, +4) which are 52mm in diameter.

Also available for Biology applications, the new Digi-PrintScope for Body Fluids Stains Capture, in Fluorescence and Absorption Digital photography and WSQ Software (General field crime scene and also Lab work) with 52mm diameter filters. 



Automated Fingerprint / Palmprint Identification System

PrintQuest AFIS/APIS

From small AFIS/APIS desktop PC systems for City Police Dept’s who want more control of their searches and more accuracy, to APIS-Only for those who already have access to an AFIS, to AFIS Lab configurations for comparison of latents with a known list of suspects to Server/Multi-Workstation Systems for large police forces, there is a PrintQuest™ for your agency. A benchmark comparative test will prove our highest accuracy. Try it and see for yourself!

PrintQuest™ AFIS & APIS Selection: Desktop PC systems, Dual PC networked System for fast database creation. Raid-5 Server, Matcher and Workstations. Latent fingerprint imaging stations, Fluorescence examination station, UV Reflectance examination station.



ImaQuest Fingerprint Enhancement Software

Designed specifically for Fingerprints, ImaQuest Fingerprint Image Enhancement Software is the most complete software package of its kind, with the ability to secure, scale, enhance, track, compare, chart, and print work from multiple investigators and multiple sources.

ImaQuest features a true Image Background Subtraction and the easiest to use FFT. You have never used an FFT like this before! ImaQuest is everything you always wanted in a fingerprint enhancement software and a whole lot more.