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Diffraction Gratings

As a pioneer and world leader in the field of diffraction gratings, HORIBA Jobin Yvon continues to develop advanced manufacturing processes for specialty gratings and optics.

HORIBA Jobin Yvon’s specialty gratings are found in cutting-edge scientific applications including ultrafast lasers, space flight instruments, astronomy, and synchrotron spectrometers. In addition, our high-volume replicated gratings are used in OEM instruments including spectrophotometers, bioanalyzers, and colorimeters. Some of the gratings we offer are as follows:

  • Custom Gratings
  • Gratings for Laser Pulse Compression
  • Transmission Gratings for High Energy Lasers
  • Reflection Grisms for Material Dispersion Compensation
  • Gratings for Astronomy and Space Experiment
  • Ion Etched Gratings for Vacuum UV and Soft X Ray Application
  • Holographic Plane Gratings
  • Blazed Holographic Plane Gratings
  • Holographic Concave Gratings – Type I
  • Flat Field and Imaging Gratings – Type IV (Aberration Corrected Gratings)
  • Monochromator Gratings – Type IV
  • Ruled Plane Gratings
  • Dye Laser Gratings

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OEM Spectroscopy Component Products

The HORIBA Jobin Yvon OEM spectroscopy range consists of:

  • CCD and PDA Spectrometers
  • Miniature Spectrographs
  • Monochromators
  • Raman miniature systems and OEM components for Raman
  • CCDs & Photodiode Arrays
  • Diffraction Gratings
  • Contract Manufacture

HORIBA Jobin Yvon leads the commercial holographic diffraction grating technology.  For example: the concave aberration corrected holographic grating (CACHG), innovated by HORIBA Jobin Yvon, combines a simplicity, consistency, throughput, and image quality not possible with other optical designs.  OEMs recognize the advantages, replacing multi-element optical systems with our one-piece CACHG.  The performance gains, manufacturing ease, and improvements in long-term quality make high volume instrumentation cost effective.

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 Vacuum UV – from Sub-assembly to Complete Beamline

Since the beginning of our involvement in VUV instrumentation HORIBA Jobin Yvon has developed new optical components, monochromator designs and instrumentation in collaboration with different synchrotron centers from around the world. This has enabled us to increase the resolution and the flux as well as to minimise the high harmonic contamination. A few examples are; holographic recording process for gratings in 1969, the design and manufacture of the famous Toroidal Grating Monochromator (TGM) in 1975 and the world’s first holographic ion etched gratings in 1983.
  • Components
    • Mirrors, gratings and slits
  • Monochromators and Spectrographs
    • TGM (Toroidal Grating Monochromator)
    • TGS (Toroidal Grating Spectrograph)
    • PGM-PGS (Plane Grating Monograph)
    • VTM (Vacuum Toroidal Monograph)
  • Synchrotron Beamline

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