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LabRAM Odyssey

Confocal Raman Imaging & High Resolution Spectrometer

The LabRAM Odyssey Raman microscopes are ideally suited for both micro and macro measurements, and offer advanced confocal imaging capabilities in 2D and 3D. The true confocal Raman microscope enables the most detailed images and analyses to be obtained with speed and confidence. With guaranteed high performance and intuitive simplicity, the LabRAM Odyssey is the ultimate instrument for Raman spectroscopy. It is widely used for standard Raman analysis, PhotoLuminescence (PL), Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS) and other hybrid methods.


  • High spatial and spectral resolutions
  • From deep UV to NIR without compromise
  • Ease of use and ergonomy
  • Ultra-fast confocal imaging
  • Raman-AFM and TERS compatible
  • Ultra-Low Frequency Module
  • Automated particle location and chemical ID
  • Find the best conditions for the analysis of your sample
  • CaptuR laser trapping


Raman Spectrometer – Confocal Raman Microscope


The XploRA can be coupled to both upright and inverted microscopes, allowing analysis of all sample types, ranging from semiconductors and nano-materials, through to biological cells and tissues. Combining microscopy and chemical analysis, the XploRA™ retains the full functionality of your microscope coupled with high performance Raman spectroscopy.


  • Compact design – the system has a surprisingly small footprint, ensuring valuable lab space is not wasted
  • Rugged optical design for long term performance stability and minimum downtime
  • No compromise light microscopy – enjoy the full benefits of a research grade optical microscope, including advanced visualisation options such as dark field, phase contrast and DIC
  • Upright – for materials and forensic applications, including semiconductors, nano-materials, minerals, forensics, pharmaceutics etc.
  • Inverted – for life science applications, including cell imaging, characterization of drug-cell interations.
  • Compatible with atomic force microscopes for combined Raman-AFM and TERS (Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy)
  • Multiple laser wavelengths – ensures optimal results and minimised fluorescence interference from the widest range of sample types
  • Full system automation with software control and intuitive operation – non-expert operators can get results fast
  • Comprehensive Raman spectral libraries for fast Raman chemical identification
  • Automated XYZ stages for Raman imaging and depth profiling
  • SWIFT for ultra fast raman imaging.Plug and play operation.

LabRAM Soleil

Multimodal Raman Microscope

The LabRAM Soleil™ multimodal microscope has been designed with application experts to supercharge your analysis and set the new standard for Raman imaging and spectroscopy. It features advanced automation allowing a true self-operation. Ultrafast imaging, up to 100 times faster than a conventional Raman spectrometer, is performed thanks to the innovative SmartSampling™ technology. The patented QScan™ feature offers lightsheet confocal imaging. It presents a robust design and is driven by an intuitive software. Therefore, this Raman microscope is your companion of choice to get your results fast and give you access to new domains of application.


  • Advanced Automation features 
  • Ultrafast Imaging (SmartSampling and QScan)
  • Intuitive software to simplify workflow
  • Great variety of Optical viewing modes
  • Great variety of hyperspectral imaging features
  • A modular and flexible optical microscope


Benchtop Raman

Raman spectrometry is the fastest non-destructive technique to identify any type of sample (powder, liquids or gas) with high accuracy. It is the ideal way to perform routine work, follow the synthesis process, quality control (QA/QC) and teach Raman.

This innovative benchtop instrument perfectly combines robustness and high sensitivity. Its high sensitivity optical system ensures exact results, even for most complex samples. Designed to be user friendly and capable of in situ measurements, MacroRAM is the new standard as a partner for all labs.