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LabRAM Odyssey

Confocal Raman Imaging & High Resolution Spectrometer

The LabRAM Odyssey Raman spectrometer offers advanced confocal imaging capabilities in both 2D and 3D, ideal for micro and macro measurements.

Its true confocal Raman microscope ensures detailed analysis with speed and confidence. New functionalities, like VRM calibration for precise video-Raman matching and automated objective adjustment enhance the instrument’s ease of use.

As an option, it can be tailored for semiconductor process. Indeed, the LabRAM Odyssey features a 300 mm automated sample stage and an automated recognition objective turret, facilitating process qualification.

Its applications span diverse fields, from life sciences for biomolecular structure elucidation to semiconductors for defect analysis on wafers up to 300 mm diameter. LabRAM Odyssey is an indispensable tool for researchers and engineers seeking profound insights into advanced materials and their applications.

Move from microscopy to the nanoscopy world with an easy AFM upgrade.


  • High spatial and spectral resolutions
  • From deep UV to NIR without compromise
  • Ease of use and ergonomy
  • Ultra-fast confocal imaging
  • Raman-AFM and TERS compatible
  • Ultra-Low Frequency Module
  • Automated particle location and chemical ID
  • Find the best conditions for the analysis of your sample
  • CaptuR laser trapping


MicroRaman Spectrometer – Confocal Raman Microscope

The XploRA™ PLUS is a reliable and high-performance microRaman system designed for scientists, researchers and engineers exploring the microscopic world.

With exceptional sensitivity and resolution, it offers precise chemical and structural analysis. Its SWIFT™ confocal microscopy enables fast and detailed examination of sample composition and structure. With versatile laser excitation options and the possibility of an easy AFM upgrade, it accommodates a wide range of samples and Raman scattering characteristics.

From material science to environmental science, it provides invaluable insights into diverse materials and samples, facilitating detailed analysis. XploRA™ PLUS represents the pinnacle of performance, versatility, and user-friendliness, meeting the demands of modern scientific inquiries with precision and reliability.


  • SWIFT™ 10x faster Raman imaging
  • Improved detection and sensitivity
  • Full Confocality  for complete image detail
  • Full optical microscope so you can see your samples
  • Maximum detail, resolution and range for enhanced spectroscopy
  • HORIBA’s OneClick easy Raman analysis
  • NIST traceable and patented Autocalibration options for validated results
  • Ultimate optical stability- robust, reliable, long term operation
  • Automated operation offering simple, powerful reliability
  • 2 year base unit warranty as standard

LabRAM Soleil

Raman Spectroscope – Automated Imaging Microscope

The LabRAM Soleil Confocal Raman Microscope is a cutting-edge instrument with advanced automation and imaging features.

With 50 years of expertise behind it, this high-performance microscope offers precise molecular and structural characterization, with ultrafast imaging. Its compact design and laser-safe operation make it suitable for diverse laboratory settings.

From material science to pharmaceuticals and nanotechnology, LabRAM Soleil™ facilitates comprehensive sample characterization and analysis with efficiency and precision, making it an indispensable tool for researchers and industrial users alike.

Move from microscopy to the nanoscopy world with an easy AFM upgrade.


  • < 1m² footprint
  • Large Class 1 sample compartment
  • Reflection (episcopic) /transmission (diascopic) illumination
  • Imaging in optical microscopy bright field/dark field
  • ViewSharp 3D Topography
  • QScan™ high quality scanning technology for 3D confocal imaging with Laser light-sheet illumination – mapping without moving
  •  XYZ 3D confocal imaging, Z-profile (single-point or layer by layer with QScan™ option)
  • Super-low frequency (30 cm-1) Raman scattering as standard
  • Photoluminescence (PL), electroluminescence, photocurrent
  • Nanoscale spectroscopy: NanoRaman (TERS), NanoPL, and Cathodoluminescence with our AFM and SEM extensions


Affordable Benchtop Raman Spectrometer

MacroRAM™ is an easy-to-use macro Raman spectrometer for fast and reliable Raman analysis. Perfect for bulk analysis of solids, liquid solutions, powders, and gels, MacroRAM provides the flexibility and sensitivity to handle virtually any type of sample. With a compact and robust design including Class 1* laser safety, MacroRAM is ideal for use in most environments, from undergraduate teaching labs to industrial QC and manufacturing.

Powered by the industry-leading LabSpec 6 spectroscopy suite software, MacroRAM brings simplicity to macro Raman spectroscopy without compromising the ability to handle even the most challenging applications. It is ideal for confirming the identity and quality control of incoming raw materials, as well as for analyzing chemical composition, process monitoring, and assessing unknown substances. MacroRAM’s durability and fixed internal setup ensure consistent and reproducible results over time, making it a reliable and robust choice for researchers, scientists, and industry professionals across such disciplines as pharmaceuticals, polymers & microplastics, forensics, wet chemistry, gemology, and other industries.

To facilitate the use of the MacroRAM in the undergraduate teaching laboratory setting, a series of educational labs are available. Designed to teach some of the most important concepts in Raman spectroscopy, such as identification, quantification, and vibrational chemistry, these educational labs can be used as is or tailored to fit the needs of any undergraduate laboratory. To learn more about these labs, please visit MacroRAM Educational Labs