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Database: Archimed™ Software

Archimed™ allows you to construct archives stored in a database in the Microsoft Access™ format.

The archives are presented in small images.

Real-time acquired images slip directly into the database.
Images already stored to the hard disk or pasted in the clipboard may be integrated in the database.


Dimensional Control: VideoMet™

Metrology requires the use of standardized protocols to access the measurement of physical magnitudes on all kinds of parts.

The Videomet™ software has many high-power and interactive tools to measure the parts.

With its edge detector via image analysis, Videomet™ becomes a video profile projector.



Granulometry: Granix™ and Ellix™

Granix™ analyzes the particles by electronic sieving without physical contact. This powerful computational operation provides the granulometric characteristics of a population, which are then expressed according to the recommendations of the standards.

Ellix™ is an automatic form analysis software which proposes a modeling of an image’s objects according to various geometric figures.



Histology: Histolab

Histolab™ provides for the analysis of all the tissues in a histological section and, for each among them, the cells and subcellular structures visible under a microscope.

Connected to the microscope plate, Histolab™ is not limited to the microscope’s field : all the measurements are located over the entire section.


Phase Measurement: Areas

Measuring the surfaces occupied by various components is a significant characteristic of the materials analyzed. Areas™ is a software which automatically measures the phases in gray scale levels or colors. The phases are simultaneously measured after selection and according to operator choices.


Grain Size: Grainsizer 

Grainsizer™ takes the measurements specified by the standards ASTM E112 and NFA04-102.

The global index of the sample is deducted from the average of the number of grains per square millimeter.


Video Sequences: Replay

Replay™ software records the sessions according to three formats (Tiff, Bitmap, Jpeg) and 4 modes:

  • Manually
  • Periodically
  • When image changes
  • When image stabilizes