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Amplifier module LIA-MV-150

Miniature Module LIA-MV-150

  • Current and voltage input
  • Working frequency up to 45 kHz
  • Adjustable sensitivity, time constant and phase
  • Local and remote control
  • Compact and EMI-shielded case

Product Data sheets: LIA-MV-150-D  / LIA-MV-150-S




Lock-in amplifier LIA-MVD-200-L

Module LIA-MV(D)-200

  • Single and dual phase
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • BNC connectors for input and output signals
  • Working frequency 5 Hz up to 120 kHz
  • Phase shifter 0° … +360°
  • Current and voltage input
  • Optional reference oscillator module SOM-1 available

Product Data sheets: LIA-MVD-200-H/ LIA-MVD-200-L



Lock-in amplifier LIA-BVD-150-H

Single-Board LIA-BV(D)-150

  • Single and dual phase 19″ boards
  • Working frequency 5 Hz up to 120 kHz
  • Phase shifter 0° … 360°
  • Current and voltage input
  • Parameter control by local switches and opto-isolated digital inputs
  • Mounting kit MK-LIA-2 and reference oscillator module SOM-1 available 

For Product Overview: Click this link

For Technical Data Sheets: Click this link