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PS-15-25-L-01Power Supplies

  • Input voltage 100 – 240 VAC
  • Output ±15 V, +500/−400 mA
  • Shielded output cord with Lemo® plug
  • Floating design to avoid ground loops
  • Short-circuit protected
  • Ripple typ. 15 mVRMS
  • Suitable for all FEMTO modules
  • Available as european, australian and US version


LUCI-10-01USB Control Interface LUCI-10

  • Compact digital I/O interface for USB remote control of FEMTO amplifiers and photoreceivers
  • Supports opto-isolation of amplifier signal path from PC USB port
  • Bus-powered operation
  • System driver, application software and VI’s for use with LabVIEW™ Included 


LEMOsteckerLEMO Connectors

  • High quality connector
  • 3-pin and 4-pin versions available
  • For use with shielded cables
  • Suitable for all FEMTO modules


CAB LN1Low Noise Cables

  • Minimizes triboelectric and microphonic noise
  • Designed for ultra sensitive current and charge measurements
  • Noise level reduction by a factor of 1,000
  • Highly shielding coaxial design
  • Fully assembled with premium quality connectors
  • Ultra high insulation resistance > 1014 Ω – guaranteed
  • Variety of lengths available: from 10 cm to 5 m
  • Custom lengths with a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces available


PRA PAP Post Adapter Plate

  • Compatible with all FEMTO photoreceiver series PWPR, FWPR, OE, LCA-S and HCA-S
  • M4 and 8-32 UNC threads suitable for standard optical mounting posts
  • High-tensile material
  • Mounting screws included


PRA FCA W R0 Fiber Adapters

  • Compatible with all FEMTO photoreceivers with threaded 1.035″-40 free space input (FST-models)
  • Easy mounting option for standard optical fibers
  • Recommended for photosensitive areas of 0.4 mm diameter or more
    (coupling efficiency may be compromised for photodiodes with smaller diameter)
  • Machined from solid stainless steel
  • Available adapter types: PRA-FC (FC/PC, FC/UPC), PRA-FCA (FC/APC) and PRA-FSMA
  • Other types on request

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