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Analysis of powders in a flowing or about to flow state

The REVOLUTION Powder Analyzer can measure your powder’s ability to flow, consolidate, granulate, cake, pack and fluidize by measuring the power, time and variances in energy of your powder in a rotating drum.  This data can be used to quantify your powder’s particle behavior during process applications such as blending, tableting, mixing and transportation.  

The REVOLUTION Powder Analyzer is both easy to load and automatic, eliminating the opportunity for human error.

How does the instrument work?

The REVOLUTION Powder Analyzer consists of a rotating drum that measures the flow properties of granular and fluidized materials. Several drum sizes are available, from drums requiring 10 cc’s of sample to drums using 500 cc’s.   


A stepper motor turns high precision silicone rollers which in return rotates the drum.  The operator can set the drum rotation rate (range 0.1 to 200 RPM) and prep time (range 0 to 999 seconds) of the analysis. A digital camera with the assistance of back-light illumination takes digital images of the powder during the rotation process. The images can be accumulated up to a rate of 30 frames per second. 

Using patent pending algorithms, the software measures the behavior of the powder from the images collected due to the drum rotation and how this behavior changes over time. This data is then used to calculate various parameters representing the powder’s quality and process ability. 

The user can perform the following types of analysis:  CakingFlowabilityFluidization, GranulationMulti-Flow and Packing.