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The CX-200PLUS product is developed for simple use by users through compact design and the upgraded software Nano-station 4.0.

  • Compact and Strong Performance
  • 3nm Resolution
  • Standard SE, BSE Detector
  • Standard Chamber Scope
  • Standard Panorama
  • Signal Mixing
  • Fully Compatible EDS
  • 10 Ports for Third party

By merging SE and BSE images, each properties of both images can be observed at a glance.


Magnification 15-300,000X
Spatial Resoultion <3nm
Vacuum Mode HV
Accleration Voltage 1 – 30kV (adjustable in 1kV scale)
Electron Source Pre-Centered Tungsten Filament
Detector SED(DP)
Sample Size 160mm in Diameter
X,Y/ Z/ T Traverse R 0-60 mm / 5-60mm/ -20 – 90º
Features Panorama 1.0
Auto Focus
Qick & Easy AutoB/C
Auto Filament
Auto Start
Duplex Navigation
Signal Mix
Dual Display & Save
Line Profile
Line Measure
Image Filtering
Chamber Scope
Focus, Filament, Brightness/Contrast
Automation Focus, Filament, Brightness/Contrast
Data Output Format jpg, tiff, BMP
Dimensions 640 x 682 x 1430 mm
Weight 230 kg
Panorama 2.0
EDS (Oxford, Bruker)