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ProElut™ SPE Features and Benefits

ProElut™ SPE uses spherical silica with high purity and narrow particle size distribution as support. The spherical silica with fewer fines gives a more regular, stable and reproducible chromatography bed that gives a faster, more even flow rate for better separation. Fines cause back pressure increases that can result in clogging and can pass through filters and contaminate the final product. A narrower particle size distribution will give a more homogenous packing that will help in collecting more concentrated fractions and reducing solvent consumption to achieve higher recovery and reproducible results.


Features of ProElut™ SPE (Solid Phase Extraction)

  • Rapid sample preparation within minutes
  • Higher recoveries without the formation of emulsion
  • High precision of analytical results by use of disposable cartridges
  • Saving of solvent and hence reduction in both materials costs and cost of disposal
  • Possibilities for automating the entire process
  • Optimized, validated and certified manufacturing


Silica-based Sorbents

C18, C18-U, C8, C2, PH, CN, Silica, NH2, PSA, SCX, SAX

Polymer-based Sorbents


Specific Sorbents

Florisil, AL-A, AL-B, AL-N,CARB, CARB / NH2, GLASS SPE Tube