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We offer columns of ultimate performance and maximum versatility to address the challenges and increasing needs of today’s chromatographic laboratories. The quality of packing material is the basis for all good chromatographic separation. Dikma is in a unique position to control the manufacturing process from start to finish, from making the high-purity ( 99.999% ) raw silica to applying different bonding chemistries. Furthermore, to ensure the high performance and robustness of our columns, we maintain tight specifications during all stages of the manufacturing process and follow rigid, audited ISO 9001 procedures to guarantee reproducible products. The end results that get delivered to you are columns that perform at their best, and offer you highly reproducible batch-to-batch results without alteration of HPLC conditions.

Dikma silica of ultra-purity and incredible smoothness
Dikma silica is extremely pure ( 99.999% ) and free of metals. Meticulous care is given to the quality control of surface smoothness, particle shape uniformity, pore structure and pore consistency to ensure uniformity of particle structure and enhanced mechanical strength. Low percentages of fines from damaged silica particles strengthen the column bed, leading to low backpressure and enhanced column performance and lifetime.