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GC Guard Column

Guard Column / Transfer Lines (Intermediate Polarity Deactivated)
• Use in a wide variety of applications
• Allow most common solvents

Guard Column / Transfer Lines (Polar Deactivated)
• Provide optimum wettability for polar compounds
• Minimize peak splitting and peak tailing when using polar solvents such as water or methanol
• Polyethylene glycol deactivation used for DM-Wax, DM-225 and DM-2330

Guard Column / Transfer Lines (Water Resistant Deactivated)
• High-density surface deactivation and excellent water resistance
• Use for purge / trap system, headspace injection, gas concentration analysis and hydrated sample test
• Inertness and water resistance tube connection

Guard Column / Transfer Lines (Base Deactivated)
• Excellent inertness for basic compounds
• Use for DM-5 Amine, DM-35 Amine, DM-Wax Amine, DM-Volatile Amine
• Batch test with basic compounds

HPLC Guard Column

EasyGuard™ Columns

• Universal design to match any brand column
• A variety of optional bonded phase material
• Does not affect the analytical column resolution
• Long lifetime column cartridges, high performance and low price


Guard columns provide protection against contamination with minimal impact on column efficiency. The column diameter determines both the sample loadability and column efficiency. A small diameter will decrease the column lifetime, but a large diameter will adversely affect column resolution. EasyGuard™ columns effectively profect the analytical column without adversely affecting the resolution or column lifetime.

Simple to Use

• Flexibility to move PEEK fittings
• Matches any brand analytical column
• Low dead volume connection
• Rugged 316 stainless steel column holder


Easy-Lok™ Coupler

When the EasyGuard™ guard column connects to a 250 mm analytical column, it can not fit in certain ovens (such as Agilent 1200) because the length is not long enough. The Easy-Lok™ coupler resolves this issue by removing the pre-tightened connecting pipe by wrench before using.