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Dikma Technologies Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of GC columns and accessories. Dikma GC products have gained their reputation from end users in the pharmaceutical/chemical/ environmental/food fields, by offering columns of ultimate performance and maximum versatility to address challenges faced by
and increasing needs of today’s GC laboratories. DikmaCap¬† (DM&PA) GC columns are the forefront of our unrivaled line of products.

DikmaCap GC Column Features

  • The industry’s tightest quality control specifications
  • Better precision for better results and greater productivity
  • Low bleed and high inertness for sensitivity and performance
  • High efficiency, high throughput, and high resolution without the high costs
  • Extensive GC column selection including variations in length, internal diameter, and film thickness
  • Broad range of stationary phases, from low polarity to polar phase