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Q-Sense High Pressure

The QSense®  High Pressure system provides you with the opportunity to explore real-life conditions of high pressure and high temperature in your experimental set up.

Most suitable when: You are striving to explore real-life high pressure and high temperature conditions
For the standard configuration the pressure and temperature can be set to a maximum of 200 Bar and 150 °C respectively, but the instrument can also be configured after your specific needs

The system is built upon the versatile and modular QSense Explorer providing plenty of add-ons if you want to widen your view

Sensors and sample handling system

Working temperature* 4 to 150 °C, controlled via the software, stability ± 0.02 °C
Working pressure 90 to 200 bar (with the alternative peristaltic pump measurements can also be performed at ambient pressure)
Samples Up to 3 liquid samples (buffer included)
Number of sensors 1
Volume above the sensor ~40 µl
Sensor materials Over 50 standard materials including metals, oxides, carbides and polymers (e.g. Gold, SiO2, SS2343 and SS2348 stainless steel, Iron oxide, Kaolinite) Additional materials, including steels and minerals, can be customized upon request