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Nanoparticle Thin Film Coating Solution

Coatings and thin films made from nanoparticles are gaining recognition and use in various products and applications including displays, sensors, medical devices, energy storages and energy harvesting. The KSV NIMA Nanoparticle Deposition offering is creating superior graphene and nanoparticle coatings with controlled particle packing density with ease.

KSV NIMA  Nanoparticle Thin Film Coating Solution is a readymade package that combines capabilities of Langmuir-Blodgett Medium Trough, MicroBam and Langmuir-Schaefer Holders for an advanced nanoparticle coating process.

Why to use KSV NIMA Thin Film Coating Solution Package for nanoparticle deposition?

  • All the benefits of the Langmuir-Blodgett method, such as control over coating thickness and particle packing density.
  • Combined with a compact KSV NIMA MicroBAM Brewster Angle Microscope that monitors the coating prior to deposition to ensure high coating quality.
  • Versatility to perform coatings not only vertically (LB) but also horizontally (Langmuir-Schaefer method) to give versatility for different applications.
  • High quality nanoparticle layers with easy parameter setup all the way from introducing the particles to having the ready made coating.
  • Comes as a total package with maximized value.