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APF Series Fiber Coupled QCW Stack

APF series : Fiber coupled QCW diode stack

Pulsed Laser Diode Illuminator

Outstanding mJ class laser diode sources emitting pulses from 10 ns to 200 ns

  • Illuminator for high pulse repetition rate
  • Illuminator for ultra-short pulses
  • Illuminator for multi-wavelength emission
  • Illuminator for short pulses – packaged version
  • Illuminator for short pulses – ultra-compact OEM version

100 kW Diode Source

The highest brightness diode source available on the market @ 880-940-980 nm.

High efficiency high power diode laser source


Individual Addressable Laser Diode Array (IALDA)

QCW Diode Bars & Stacks

Quantel Diodes QCW stacks, awarded Best of the world in 2010.

  • High temperature / multi-color QCW stacked array
  • QCW stacked array (FAC)
  • QCW linear bar array
  • QCW mini-stacked array
  • Conduction-cooled QCW stacked array
  • Dual QCW linear stacked array

Pulsed Power Supply Driver for QCW Diodes

  • 500 A -100 V pulsed power supply