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Getting There Faster – New Multimodal Microscope


The result of 50 years of innovation by leading instrument manufacturer HORIBA Scientific, the LabRAM Soleil multimodal microscope has been designed with application experts to supercharge your analysis and set the new standard for Raman imaging and spectroscopy. It features advanced automation allowing a true self-operation. Ultrafast imaging, up to 100 times faster than a conventional Raman spectrometer, is performed thanks to the innovative SmartSampling™ technology. The patented QScan™ feature offers lightsheet confocal imaging. It presents a robust design and is driven by an intuitive software. Therefore, this Raman microscope is your companion of choice to get your results fast and give you access to new domains of application.

Your Ideal Lab partner


Breakthrough in hyperspectral imaging

SmartSampling™ decreases map times by 2 orders of magnitude! It acquires the most contributive parts of the image first, provides an image of even low scattering samples right away, and continuously improves to allow the user stopping the acquisition anytime, as soon as image quality is good enough.

Expert level Raman images for everyone!

EasyImage is a new app in Labspec6™ LabStore which provides guidelines to new users who need to quickly generate publication-ready results. It helps understanding the 5 key steps of a chemical image generation and fasten learning curves of beginners in Raman spectroscopy.

High Quality Scanning technology for 3D confocal imaging

QScan generates highly homogeneous laser lightsheet, enabling non-destructive confocal slicing of multilayer samples. It enables mapping without moving and true point-and-shoot operation, when one can directly acquire a spectrum by clicking anywhere in the video image.



The fastest laser alignment ever seen!

LabRAM Soleil™ comes with a fully achromatic optical design enabling ultrafast switch between lasers from NUV to NIR. With our sample-independent Auto-Alignment option, one recovers optimum spatial resolution and throughput within seconds, and can even set routines for unsupervised multi-color measurements.

Automatic objective recognition for a smarter microscope*

LabRAM Soleil™ objective turret is equipped with an NFC reader to identify the microscope objective in place.  One knows in real time if the objective parameters (NA, T%, WD) are appropriate for the experimental conditions, scale and brightness of the image are instantly adjusted. 

* Restrictions apply in the territories of the USA, Japan and Germany; please contact our local sales office for more information

High reflectivity broadband mirrors

LabRAM Soleil™ is fitted with custom-made broadband dielectric mirrors to allow fast and automated modality switch without manual change of optics. It provides best confocality and high throughput at all wavelengths, for Raman, photoluminescence, mCARS, reflectance and more.

30cm⁻¹ is the new standard!

LabRAM Soleil™ comes with specially designed edge filters and a motorized kinematic filter holder to guarantee 30cm-1 cut-off at all standard Raman spectroscopy wavelengths! API Polymorphs, Boson peaks of glasses, LAM of polymers can now be investigated with high throughput!

LabRAM Soleil™ comes with a brand-new spectrograph, featuring a 4-grating exchangeable turret, field-proven high speed direct drive providing unrivaled scanning speeds, spectral linearity, stability and reproducibility. Spectral recalibration will soon be a “thing of the past”!

If you’d like to know more about the LabRAM Soleil, its hyphenated techniques and its application in your industry or field of research.