RAEA™ Ti:sapphire amplifier builds on KMLabs’ 20-year tradition of leadership in ultrafast science, bringing the unmatched flexibility of previous amplifier systems into a single, hands-free platform. 

Engineered for high harmonic generation (HHG): now you can stop worrying about the pump

Beyond serving the multitude of applications for which Ti:Sapphire lasers have become ubiquitous, RAEA is especially designed as an unparalleled source for producing short wavelength light via high harmonic generationThe strength of RAEA for this purpose is realized in its contribution as one of the critical components in the Pantheon EUV/soft X-ray source.

Cleanest high energy, femtosecond pulses …for highest HHG efficiency and therefore maximized EUV/SXR flux
  Engineered for stability …for continuous long term operation in IR or EUV/SXR
  Excellent beam profile and focusability …for hands-off coupling to HHG module for the non-expert user



SpecificationsRAEA RAEA Short Pulse Option
Software Tunable PRF Range5-30 kHz5-15 kHz
Pulse Energy3 mJ @ 5 kHz
2 mJ @ 10 kHz
0.6 mJ @ 20 kHz
2 mJ @ 5 kHz
1.3 mJ @ 10 kHz
Pulse Width35 fs25 fs
Spatial ModeNear TEM00 M2 < 1.25Near TEM00 M2 < 1.3