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The sensor is a critical part of a QCM-D experiment; in order to ensure optimal results in your lab, we therefore guarantee the quality and stability of all our standard QSensors.




Sensor description Example of model systems Example of applications
 Aluminium (Al) Electrodes Electrochemistry, lithium insertion, energy
 Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3)Water treatment plant, nanoparticles Environmental
 AlSiO Kaolinite mimic Energy, mining
 Amorphous Fluoropolymer AF1600 from DuPontTeflon, non-stick surfaces, inert surfaces Protein surfaces, cleaning and detergent analysis, petroleum
 Barium Titanate (BaTiO3)  Dielectric ceramic used for capacitors 
 Biotin (on gold) Biological, biochemical interaction Molecular biology, protein interactions, antigens
 Borosilicate glass Labware, syringes, cookware Pharmaceuticals, cleaning and detergent anlysis
 Cellulose (on SiO2) Fabric, filter, fiber Enzyme interactions, cleaning and detergent analysis, electrochemistry, biofuels
 Chromium (Cr) Coating Corrosion, electronics
 Cobalt (Co) Orthopedic implant, battery, pigment, porcelain Medical device, energy, electroplating
 Copper (Cu) Wire, cables, coating Corrosion, antifouling
 Gold (Au) Universal surface Thiols, anything – everything sticks to gold
 Gold (Ti Adhesion) Universal surface Fundamental electrochemistry
 His-tag Capturing Biological, biochemical interactions Antibody studies, protein-protein, probing of conformational changes
 Hydroxyapatite Bone, teeth, bioinspired material, mineral Biomaterials, medical device
 Iron (Fe) Combustion engine, nano particles Corrosion, environmental transport, energy
 Iron Oxide (Fe2O3)  Hematite mimic, nanoparticles, pipelines Solar energy, photocatalyst, energy, environmental
Iron Oxide (Fe3O4)Magnetite mimic, pipelines, nanoparticlesPigment catalyst, corrosion, biofilm formation, environmental transport, energy
Indium Tin Oxide (ITO on Au)Solar panelEnergy, solar cells
Magnesium (Mg)MineralEnergy, mining, also used in cars, bikes, cell phones
Molybdenum (Mo)MineralEnergy, mining (also replaces Tungsten in some applications and used as fertilizer)
NHS-Amine CouplingBiological, biochemical interactionProtein interactions, molecular biology, antigens
Nylon “6,6” Nylon fabricCleaning and detergent analysis
Polyethylenimine (PEI)Additive, flocculating agent Detergents, adhesives, water treatment agents, cosmetics, wet-strength agent in the paper-making process.
Platinum (Pt)ElectrodesFuel cells, catalytic converters, energy
Polystyrene (Ps)Hydrophobic surface, filtersCell studies, inert surfaces, filter interaction, medical device
Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)Plexiglass, microfluidic material, biomaterial, bonecement, dentalfilling, lensesBiomedical, aquariums, car headlights
Polyvinylidene Fluoride(PVDF)Plastic, pharmaceutical filter and falcon tubeContainer interactions, harmaceutical industry
Silicon (Si)SemiconductorEnergy, etching
Silicon Carbide (SiC)Rare mineral moissanite, carbone supporters, electrodesEnergy, catalysts, electronics
Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)GlassEtching processes, silanization, cleaning and detergent analysis
Silicon Nitride (SiN)Biomaterials, integrated circuitsElectronics, medical device
Silicon Oxycarbide (SiOC)Carbon supports, electrodesCatalysts, LEDs, brakes, graphene production, energy
Silver (Ag)Nano particles, antimicrobial coatingEnvironmental transport, coatings, materials
Soda-lime glassHousehold glass (bottles, jars) labwareCleaning products, surface interactions
Stainless Steel (SS2343, US 316)Acid resistant steelEnvironmental, polluted industrial or city environments
Stainless Steel (L605)StentsMedical device, biomaterials, blood coagulation
Tantalum (Ta)Electrodes, reactorsAlloys, electronics, energy
Tantalum Nitride (TaN)ElectrodesElectronics
Titanium (Ti)Medical implantsMedical device, biomaterials
Tungsten (W)ElectrodesEtching processes
Zinc Oxide (ZnO)MineralsMining, energy, rubber manufacture, ceramic industry, calamine lotion
Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) MineralEnergy, mining, luminiscent and optical material, pigment
Zirconium Oxide (ZrO)Ceramics, fuel cell, membraneAlloys sintering, energy
Standardized soils*  
Standardized used cooking oil  
Mixed starch, colored(CFT DM 77) 
Egg Yolk, double(CFT DM 22) 
Coffee with milk(CFT DM 83) 

Sensors come in packs of minimum 5
* Deposited on SiO2