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Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) with Dissipation Monitoring

QSense instruments enable real-time analysis of surface-molecule interactions with nanogram precision for a wide variety of samples and measurement conditions. The product line is designed to offer a suitable solution for every kind of lab and application. All QSense instruments are based on the Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring (QCM-D) technology.

Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation monitoring (QCM-D) is a real-time, nanoscale technique for analyzing surface phenomena including thin film formation, interactions and reactions.

The QCM-D Principle

Unlike all other QCMs, QCM-D monitors the frequency and energy dissipation response of the freely oscillating sensor. It is faster and more accurate than the usual frequency sweep principle.


The QSense® Pro enables unattended measurements at high throughput with high reproducibility. The liquid handling system ensures precise sample handling and can even prepare your concentration series for you before you start the measurement.

The intuitive software makes it easy to program your measurements and leave the instrument unattended until the measurement and the automatic cleaning is finished. Thereafter you can analyze your data to acquire mass, thickness, viscoelastic properties, adsorption rates etc. Prepare and mount up to 8 sensors. The instrument is compatible with all QSensors.


The QSense® Analyzer is a 4-channel system which increases the throughput and enables the evaluation of several parameters simultaneously such as pH, concentrations, substrates, etc.

Since the 4 measurements are performed with the same measurement sequence, the data sets can easily be compared to each other. Mass, thickness, viscoelastic parameters, adsorption rates can easily be extracted from the analysis software.

4-sensor chamber enables higher throughput and simultaneous comparison of measurement parameters. Removable flow modules, one for each sensor, gives flexibility and simplifies cleaning. The instrument is compatible with all QSensors.


QSense® Explorer is the versatile and modular instrument which enables endless experiment possibilities and the ability to combine QCM-D measurements with other techniques thanks to its compact design and exchangeable flow module. Other modules available includes window module, electrochemistry module, open module and more. Apart from the raw data monitored in real-time, mass/thickness, viscoelastic parameters and adsorption rates can easily be extracted from the analysis software.

The module is connected directly to the liquid handling system which creates a controlled flow of sample over the sensor surface.


The QSense® Initiator is a superior QCM with Dissipation monitoring technology instrument.

In this instrument, the focus is on the basic functions and qualities of a QSense instrument; It produces QCM-D data with superior accuracy, has a robust design with controlled liquid flow and enables a wide range of experimental conditions.
The QSense Initiator is a one-channel system with a fixed module in which the sensor is placed. The module is connected to the liquid handling system which ensures a controlled flow over the sensor surface. The instrument is compatible with all QSensors.


Number of sensors: 1
Minimum sample volume: 200 µl
Temperature range: 20-45 °C
Time resolution: 0.5 s
Number of harmonics: 2
Quantification of mass, viscoelastic properties: No