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Sigma 700/701

The outstanding versatility of Sigma 700 and 701 force tensiometers makes them suitable for research and development, industrial quality control, routine measurements as well as academic research. Both instruments are computer controlled and have a high level of automation.

Sigma 702

The Sigma 702 is a standalone force tensiometer that provides accurate surface and interfacial tension measurements (Platinum Du Noüy ring, Platinum Wilhelmy Plate), manual determination of Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC) and density measurements. The open design and convenient control keyboard operations make these instruments easy to use without the need for an external computer.

Sigma 702ET

The Sigma 702ET Transformer Oil Analyzer has been specifically designed to guide the user through the measurement of interfacial tension of transformer oil according to relevant standards.

Sigma 703D

Sigma 703D is a simple and robust digital force tensiometer for accurate measurement of surface and interfacial tension (Platinum Du Noüy ring, Platinum Wilhelmy Plate), and density. Manual measurement of Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC) can also be conducted.