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Particle Size Analyzers

Particle analysis at the touch of a button

Particle systems can be complex, but measuring them doesn’t have to be! Anton Paar offers two different technologies to characterize particles from the nanometer to the millimeter range. The Litesizer series employs light-scattering technology to determine not only particle size, but also zeta potential, transmittance, molecular mass, and the refractive index of nano- and microparticles in liquid dispersions. The PSA series uses laser diffraction technology to measure the size of particles in both liquid dispersions and dry powders in the micro and millimeter range. Side by side they open up a wide range of possibilities for comprehensive particle characterization.

Particle size analysis over an extensive range

The Litesizer and PSA series together cover the measurement of particle sizes from the lower nanometer to the millimeter range using different techniques. Depending on the size of particles and whether you are measuring your sample in liquid or dry dispersion, either laser diffraction (LD) or dynamic light scattering (DLS) is the technique of choice. LD and the PSA instruments are used for analyzing particles ranging up to the millimeter sizes in liquid or dry dispersions. DLS and the Litesizer devices provide analysis in liquid dispersions only but reach down to the nanometer range. Moreover, with Litesizer 500 you can also determine zeta potential, molecular mass, transmittance, and the refractive index for a better understanding of your sample’s stability.

The Litesizer series: Two instruments, up to five modes

Besides the determination of particle size, the Litesizer™ particle analyzers also offer other analysis options such as the determination of zeta potential, molecular mass, transmittance, and refractive index.

The PSA series: Measurement of liquid and dry samples with just one instrument

PSA instruments are the only particle size analyzers that can be configured with fully integrated liquid and dry dispersion modes in one instrument. You can switch between the two modes with just one mouse click – no need to exchange the hardware, re-validate or re-align sensitive optics. This saves time and prevents operation errors.

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