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SurPASS™ 3

SurPASS™ 3 is a high-end electrokinetic analyzer featuring fully automated zeta potential analysis of macroscopic solids in real-life conditions. SurPASS™ 3 employs the classic streaming potential and streaming current method for a direct analysis of the surface zeta potential. The zeta potential is related to the surface charge at a solid/liquid interface and is a key parameter for understanding surface properties and developing new specialized materials. Automatic pH scans and time-dependent recording of adsorption kinetics allow for a deep understanding of the surface chemistry.

State-of-the-art solid surface analysis

  • Direct solid/liquid interface analysis by means of streaming potential and streaming current measurement
  • Full range of zeta potential down to a few millivolts
  • Instant access to information on surface charge

From tiny particles to large wafers

  • Elaborate measuring cells for any sample geometry
  • Cylindrical Cell for powders (min. particle size 25 µm ) and fibers
  • Clamping Cell for non-destructive measurement of planar solids
  • Adjustable Gap Cell for small samples (20 mm x 10 mm, 14 mm dia., 15 mm dia.)
  • Sample-specific measuring cells for contact lenses, hollow fiber membranes, and flexible tubings

Higher sample throughput

  • Quick exchange of measuring cells, ‘plug-in and go’ functionality
  • Recording of measuring data at >5 Hz
  • Zeta potential measurement in <2 minutes

Fully automated measurements

  • Real-time visualization of key parameters
  • Automated pH scans and detection of the isoelectric point
  • Recording of liquid-on-solid surface adsorption kinetics