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Q-Sense – Sensors
Q-Sense offers a broad range of substrates for different applications. All sensor crystals are specifically made for Q-Sense systems to ensure best possible measurement data. If you do not find the desired material in the lists below, please inquire – we continuously extend our range of materials.
 Sensors kept in stock: 
QSX 301  Gold, 100 nm
 QSX 303  Silicon Dioxide, 50 nm
 QSX 304  SS2343 (similar to US standard 316), stainless steel, 50 nm
 QSX 305  Polystyrene, hydrophobic, 40 nm
 QSX 309  Aluminum Oxide, 100 nm
 QSX 310  Titanium, 50 nm
 QSX 314  Platinum, 300 nm
 QSX 327  Hydroxyapatite, HANANO™ method, 10 nm, on Ti, read more here!
 QSX 331  Amorphous Fluoropolymer AF1600 from DuPont, 40 nm


Sensors made upon request:

 QSX 334  Cellulose, 6 nm, on SiO2
 QSX 335  Silicon Dioxide 50 nm with 100 nm Ti adhesion layer, specifically for use with Q-Sense Ellipsometry Module
 QSX 336  Borosilicate glass, 100 nm
 QSX 337  Soda-lime glass, 100 nm
 QSX 338  Au with Ti adhesion layer (Cr migrates in some echem. appl.)
 QSX 311  Tantalum, 300 nm
 QSX 312  Tungsten, 300 nm
 QSX 313  Copper, 300 nm
 QSX 315  Chromium, 15 nm
 QSX 316  Iridium, 300 nm
 QSX 318  Silicon Dioxide, 300 nm
 QSX 319  Iron, 100 nm, packed in inert gas
 QSX 321  Iron Carbide, 100 nm, packed in inert gas
 QSX 322  Silver, 100 nm
 QSX 323  Cobalt, 300 nm
 QSX 324  Tantalum Nitride, 120 nm
 QSX 325  Cerium Oxide, 300 nm
 QSX 326  Iron Oxide, 60 nm
 QSX 328  Silicon Nitride, 50 nm
 QSX 329  Silicon Oxycarbide, 300 nm
 QSX 330  Zirconium Oxide, 150 nm
 QSX 332  Zinc oxide, 150 nm


Other materials – please inquire

We welcome orders for custom-made sensors, produced in our world class in-house sputtering facility. In principle, sensors can be coated with any material as long as it can be applied as a thin homogeneous film. Spincoated polymer films are also available. Please contact us for inquiries on sensor coatings with your specific surface material.