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Pressure step/stability: POROLUX 1000



 POROLUX™ 1000 series comprises research grade gas liquid porometers for the rapid measurement of through-pores in porous materials based on the pressure step/stability method. The target pressure is achieved by combining an inlet valve for the gas, which generates the initial pressure, and a specially designed needle valve, which subsequently adjusts very precisely the pressure. The pressure and flow sensors will only take a data point when the user defined stability algorithms are met for both pressure and flow. In this way, the POROLUX™ 1000 detects the opening of a pore at a certain pressure and waits until all pores of the same diameter are completely opened before accepting a data point. This results in very accurate measurement of pore sizes and allows a calculation of the real pore size distribution.


Pressure and Flow Rates Range 


Max pressure 35 bar / 500 psi 8 bar / 116 psi 35 bar / 500 psi
Min pore (1) 13 nm 80 nm 13 nm
Max pore (1) 500 µm 500 µm 500 µm
Max flow 200 l/min 100 l/min 10 l/min
Pressure sensors 5-50 bar 1-10 bar 5-50 bar
Switching of pressure sensors Automatic Automatic Automatic
Flow sensors 10-200 l/min 5-100 l/min 0,5-10 l/min
Switching of flow sensors Automatic Automatic Automatic
Accuracy of pressure and flow sensors 0.05 % F.S. 0.05 % F.S. 0.05 % F.S.
Resolution of pressure and flow sensors 24 bit 24 bit 24 bit
FBP regulator 5-30 ml/min 5-30 ml/min 5-30 ml/min
Measured FBP Yes Yes Yes
Calculated FBP Yes Yes Yes

(1) Depending on the wetting fluid



Key Features

  • Gas-liquid displacement porometer based on the pressure step/stability method. It detects the opening of pores at a certain pressure and holds the pressure stable  until all pores of the same diameter are open (flow through the sample is also stable) before accepting a data point. 
  • Very accurate and reproducible measurements of  first bubble point, maximum pore size, mean flow pore size, minimum pore size, pore size distribution and gas permeability.
  • Ideal for research and development work.
  • Determination of the true FBP: measured bubble point (read more)
  • Liquid permeability and hydrohead measurements are available as an additional option.



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