Sensor & Detector Selection Guide

(for use with Solar Light Meters)

Solar Light offers UV sensors, Visible sensors, IR sensors, Solar sensor and much more.

What would you like to measure?

UVA, UVB, UVC, Visible, Infrared, Full Spectrum Solar Radiation, Safety, Erythema, Temperature

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U.S. Pat. 5,946,641

U.S. Pat. 5,790,432

Available Options:

A = Analog output
WP = 3 m depth submersible
F = Low profile
P = Probe              
UW = 100 m depth underwater housing
UVA Sensor only A, WP, F, UW
PMA2112 UVA Sensor high intensity probe A, UW
PMA2113 UVA Sensor with Liquid Light Guide adapter UW
PMA2114 UVA Sensor with beam splitter adapter UW
PMA2101 UVB erythemally weighted A, P, F , UW 
PMA2103 UVB with Liquid Light Guide adapter UW
PMA2105 UVB with beam splitter UW
PMA2106 UVB only A, UW
PMA2107 UVA+ UVB Detector A, P, WP, F , UW 
PMA2120 UV radiation safety detector A, WP, F ,  UW
PMA2122 Germicidal UV detector A, WP, F, UW (not OEM)
PMA2121 Blue light safety detector A, P, WP, F, UW 
PMA2123 Bilirubin phototherapy detector A, P, WP, F , UW 
PMA2130 Visible Photopic A, P, WP, F, UW 
PMA2131 Visible Scotopic A, P, WP, F , UW 
PMA2132 Visible photosynthetically active radiation A, P, WP, UW 
PMA2133 Visible luminance probe A, UW
PMA4100 CALReady Detectors  
PMA2140 IR and visible global radiometer A, WP
PMA2144 IR, visible and UVA class II Pyranometer A
PMA2145 IR, visible and UVA class I Pyranometer A
PMA2142-3 Full spectrum 3 watt laser power detector A
PMA2142-10 Full spectrum 10 watt laser power detector A
PMA2142-30 Full spectrum 30 watt laser power detector A
PMA2143 Flat response Thermopile A
PMA2161K Thermistor surface temp. probe w/ interface  
PMA2162K Thermistor miniature temp. probe w/ interface  
PMA2163K Thermistor immersible temp. probe w/ interface  
PMA2164K Thermistor S.S Air/Gas temp. probe w/ interface  
PMA2165 J or K-type therocouple probe  
PMA2170 Relative humidity, dewpoint & temp. probe A
PMA2180 Custom narrow band detector with specific filter

A, P, WP, F , UW