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Rainbow OPO

Rainbow tunable lasers are turnkey systems that use Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers in the Brilliant and Brilliant B series as pump lasers. These pump lasers are doubled, tripled or quadrupled in frequency. All Rainbow systems have ‘Magic Prism’ OPO from Opotek Inc. (, which converts the YAG laser’s wavelengths into a continuously tunable emission.


TDL90 Tunable Dye Laser

The TDL90 dye laser has a modular design that makes it flexible and easy to adapt to researchers’ future needs. This tunable laser can be pumped by 2nd and 3rd harmonics generated by the YG980 and BRILLIANT series in Quantel’s switched laser line. Quantel has never considered its TDL90 tunable dye laser as a separate unit: it is pumped by various Quantel Nd:YAG lasers and is designed as a complete, homogeneous laser system.