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Twins Brilliant/Brilliant B

For the past decade, Quantel’s Brilliant series has served as a reference for Nd:YAG switched lasers. Over a thousand Brilliants in operation prove daily how rugged this laser system is and how easy it is to use. They also show how reliable and flexible Brilliants are in environments as different as industrial workshops, mobile laboratories, helicopters and research laboratories across the world.The Brilliant compact oscillators used in Twins systems are remarkable in terms of beam quality and pointing stability, energy stability and timing jitter, all important advantages in PIV, where lighting homogeneity and precision timing are required for proper measurement.


Twins BSL

Quantel USA (formerly known as Big Sky Laser), Quantel’s U.S. subsidiary, specializes in compact, rugged systems designed for operation in the harshest environments, such as combustion towers, engines, foundries, etc. Twins BSL Series is a range of double cavities laser systems made from 2 compact oscillators, a combination module including a doubling and an optional quadrupling crystals fixed on a high stability baseplate. We are so confident on the reliability of such systems that we offer one year warranty on the overlapping! The fourth harmonic access is enabled by a button on the side of the combining module, providing emission in the UV within a few minutes.