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YG980 Nanosecond Laser System

Lasers in the YG980 range represent the latest evolution in the modular systems which have made Quantel a success since the 80’s. Reliability, quality and innovation are the key words which have guided Quantel’s research and development teams. The superb beam quality, excellent stability and high brightness of these lasers are the results of a 35 years experience. All lasers in the YG980 series are manufactured from basic mechanical, optical and opto-electronic elements (such as pumping chambers, Q-Switch assembly…) which reliability and production quality are the fruit of QUANTEL know-how.


PiZzicato Picosecond laser system

All solid-state mode-locked picosecond Nd :YAG laser with high performances. Based on a unique design, the Pizzicato features low jitter, high pulse-to-pulse stability with synchronization capability. The all solid state design is free from the constraints of previous designs that used liquid saturable absorbers whilst maintaining short pulse durations of 35ps.