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High energy Nd:Glass laser systems

Each laser system of this type is customized to meet the exact requirements of the customer as expressed in a detailed specification sheet. The oscillator’s active material can be doped glass, Nd:YLF or Nd:YAG since amplification is provided by pumping chambers of increasing diameter in order to obtain the required power. Pulse duration is usually about 10 to 50 ns.


  • Laserix
    One of QUANTEL’s developments is the pump laser in the last amplification stage of the LASERIX at the LIXAM laboratory (Universitй de Paris-Sud). This system delivers 100 Joules pulses at a wavelength of 527 nm. Pulse repetition frequency is 0.1 Hz.
  • High-power free running lasers
    These lasers are used primarily to measure thermal diffusivity. Their pulse duration is approximately 350 µs with pulse powers of up to several hundred Joules.