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Bubble Tensiometer BPA-800P is a standalone instrument able to deliver highly accurate and reproducible dynamic surface tension measurements in under 6 minutes. Dynamic surface tension measurements provide information on the wetting properties of the liquid. This data is useful for controlling and developing the surface active agents for a number of processes such as printing, spraying, cleaning and coating. BPA-800P also enables direct and precise determination of bubble lifetime characteristics, providing insights on diffusion and absorption coefficient of surfactants. With unknown liquid samples, the BPA-800P is able to accurately correct for and estimate sample viscosity and gravitational deformation of bubble shape. BPA-800P has the ability to handle extremely short as well as sufficiently long measuring times (patented technology).



AL-20 / OL-55 

AL-20 and OL-55 are volumetric tensiometers used in quality control and process control to monitor surface tension in water-based liquids.

AL-20 is designed for at-line sampling of process liquids and statistical process control. It is built for regular surface tension measurements. After each measurement, the operator can dose the process with chemical additives or water until the surface tension is at the desired level. Thus, AL-20 allows optimization of additive amounts, leading to reduced waste, economical savings and environmental benefit. AL-20 can also be used for manual determination of critical micelle concentration. AL-20 is a robust, portable and standalone tensiometer ideal for at-line or in-lab use. It features one-button operations to measure, calibrate and clean the instrument, for unparalleled ease of use and simplicity.


OL-55 is the on-line volumetric tensiometer developed for full and easy integration to a production line. Surface tension is continuously measured, and a constant feedback mechanism allows automatic dosage adjustments. OL-55 is equipped with a self cleaning filter for minimal maintenance. As an option, OL-55 can also be upgraded to monitor pH, temperature and conductivity, making it a versatile instrument in process liquids for optimal dosing of chemicals.OL-55 rugged design qualifies for demanding factory applications. Fully automatic computer controlled operations limits the need for external intervention and human error.