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Theta is the advanced and versatile optical tensiometer for highly accurate measurements of contact angle, surface tension and interfacial tension.

Theta can measure static and dynamic contact angles, static and semi-dynamic surface/interfacial tension, surface free energy and drop. The available drop profiles are: sessile drop, pendant drop, receding contact angle, tilting drop, advancing contact angle, captive bubble, meniscus and reverse pendant drop.Theta harness the power of full automation to deliver best-in-class performance for R&D, quality control and process control.Theta captures drop images and automatically analyzes the drop shape as a function of time. The quality of measurement thus depends on the quality of pictures and the analysis software. 



Theta Lite

Theta Lite is a compact and accurate optical tensiometer for simple contact angle and surface free energy measurements.

Theta Lite measures contact angles, surface free energy and drop volume. The available drop profiles are: sessile drop, pendant drop, meniscus, captive bubble and reverse pendant drop. It comes with manual sample stage and liquid dispenser, making it a convenient and cost-effective instrument for research, industrial processes and educational use.