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Optoscope: Modular streak camera for Ultrafast optical events analyses

Optoscope is Optronis’s universal and modular streak camera. As a result of Optronis’s more than 15 years experience in high speed optoelectronics, this “multichannel optical oscilloscope” combines, in a compact and user friendly package, all the features of modern, state of the art metrology instruments. Optoscope is a flexible tool that can be configured to analyse optical signals in the X-ray to near IR spectrum, in single-shot or at very high repetition rates, with a temporal resolution better than 2 ps. Proposed as a turnkey package, the Optoscope configuration will meet your needs.

  • Ultimate temporal resolution, better than 2 ps
  • Extremely low jitter down to +/- 1 ps, allows streak image integration without temporal degradation.
  • Wide sweep repetition rates, from single up to 250 MHz
  • Single or dual deflection plates operation.
  • Analogue or photon counting detection allows to detect strong and weak signals with the best dynamics. 
  • High transmission streak tube for best detection efficiency.
  • Various photocathode, intensifier, CCD readout camera configurations to meet customer needs.



Optoscope-SC: Streak camera family with Modular desing for Analysis of Ultrafast optical events

The Optoscope-SC streak camera family provides maximum flexibility for a broad range of applications. Different streak cameras with selected streak tubes are available to obtain best performance for each measurement task. Various sweep units for trigger mode and synchroscan deflection can be used. The modular design allows to adapt the system easily. An Ethernet interface is build-in to control the camera and to simplify system integration.

  • Down to 2 ps resolution
  • Photocathode 8 to 35 mm
  • Trigger sweep up to 4 MHz
  • Synchroscan up to 250 MHz
  • Wide spectral range
  • X-Ray version available
  • Ethernet interface
  • Complete software control

Optoscope-X-ray: Modular streak camera for Analysis of Ultrafast phenomenon in the X-ray wavelength

The standard OPTOSCOPE streak camera is also available in a X-ray version. This camera can be used to analyse the temporal function of X-ray pulses with picosecond resolution. Photocathode and input slit can be exchanged. As the standard OPTOSCOPE also the X-ray version can be combined with various sweep units and readout cameras. This allows to configure the streak camera to the particular measurement problem. Special needs concerning system configuration and vacuum coupling can be discussed individually.