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The ANIMA-PX combines the advantages of a sensitive, high resolution CCD camera with the high efficiency of a fiber optic coupling. The very compact camera uses a high speed serial link to transfert image data to the interface board of the PC.

Typical applications are the readout of phosphor screens and the coupling to light emitters without the need of an object lens.



The CAMILLE has been developed for the analysis of fluorescence signals of plants. The camera combines a gated image intensifier with a sensitive CCD camera. Additionally a computer controlled filter wheel is installed in front of the image intensifier to select particular wavelength bands. The gating of the intensifier allows the detection of weak fluorescence signals under daylight conditions.


VX45, VC45 and VM45 Video Cameras

The monochrome video cameras VX45 and VC45 are typically used for microscope applications. Particularly the VX45 provides individual offset and gain adjustment for improved image quality under low contrast conditions. The VC45 is also available as module (VM45) without case for OEM applications.


Fragment Intensified System

Fragment is a universal intensifier tube power supply and controller. It operates tubes in continuous or gated mode. It allows controlling the tube‘s gain and the gating time (aperture of the tube). The gate starts with an external trigger signal. Its duration is adjusted internally or it follows the trigger duration. In continuous mode, the tube is protected against overillumination. The unit has local and remote controls through its standard RS232 interface.


Corail Intensified CCD Camera

The Corail is a intensiefied CCD Camera with fast shutter. The exposure times of the camera are variable adjustable down to 5 ns. Therefore it is possible to capture images from ultra-fast optical phenomena.