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Electron Microscopy Sciences has been specializing in the manufacturing, preparation, and distribution of only the highest quality chemicals, supplies, and equipment, for microscopy, and all of its related fields.


Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. was established to respond to the high demand for dry boxes in Taiwan’s very humid climate. Importing its key technology from Japan, the company dedicates itself to R & D to build up the full technology and design its current five series of products. Eureka Auto DryBox is established as the leading brand for dry boxes in the world with the most sales & production. Established the Taiwan R & D Promotion Center for Dry Technology with the mission to help everyone collect and preserve the things that are precious in their lives
Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd. has been the specializing since 1946. Japan quality scientific measurements, test & research facilities, analysis & measurement device, examinations & inspection device, and  medical equipment. Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd.  is known for their high quality products for research facilities, university facilities, institutes, etc.
Dino-Lite  adopting a combination of technologies, their products have been widely used in various sectors (but not limited to) of the industry, biomedicine, education, agriculture, and forensic for the purpose of inspection, quality control, production, research, and documentation