Surface Plasmon Resonance Applications
Ever wanted to measure Layer Thickness and Refractive Index in real time analysis? With Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance you could do just that and SO MUCH MORE!

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) has been established as a powerful method to monitor label-free biomolecular interactions in liquids. However, today with Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance (MP-SPR), it can deliver well beyond kinetics and equilibrium constants.

Multi-Parametric SPR does not only measure molecular interactions, but also properties of thin and thick layers. Unlike regular SPR where you're only able to measure the angular position of the SPR peak, MP-SPR measures the whole SPR curve enabling you to measure chips coated with other metals than gold, to measure both thick and thin samples, and much more. The addition of lasers with various wavelengths offers you the unique possibility to work also with absorbing samples or to measure refractive index.

  • The figure above represents the SPR curve and its relation with molecular interactions during an experiment and binding kinetics.


Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance (MP-SPR) provides label-free measurements of molecular interactions with picomolar sensitivity in gas and in liquid. MP-SPR also allows use of a wide range of surfaces, enabling studies of surface-molecule interactions and additional lasers that are used to determine surface thickness and refractive index!

Unlike traditional SPR, MP-SPR can distinguish true molecular binding from differences in bulk liquid using Total Internal Reflection (TIR).


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Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance (MP-SPR) is especially useful in the research of Biochemical sensor coatings Gas sensor coatings Molecular imprinted sensors (MIPS) Sandwich assay development Competition assay development Metallic sensor coatings Non-dielectric coatings Self assembled coatings Hydrogel coatings Polymeric coatings Semiconductor coatings

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For the past 20 years, SPR has been used for biomolecular interaction analysis. Now, MP-SPR broadens the application range to biophysical studies, and biomaterials studies, such as ceramic and polymer coating characterizations and biocompatibility studies.

Thickness and RI can be determined by fitting of curves using Fresnel formalism. With additional lasers, a singular solution can be found without known RI or thickness.


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